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Hello! First of all I love this game and thank you for making it. I have been playing Vermintide on ps4 from the first day and preordered it long time before the release. Im in many vermintide communities and in the biggest communities there are around 300 members. That said, this game never had a big crowd of players. It has been always problematic to find dedicated skilled players who use mic and actually cooperate and dont just rage quit after dying.

Im lucky to have a group of around 10 dedicated players from the beginning who I met trough the communities. We are all around lvl 140-180 by now. I mostly play with them. I noticed not even 1% of the players have cleared all missions on nightmare.. And many are saying that on pc version of the game (cataclysm) is much easier than on the console version. And now a new death wish difficulty is coming because the game is too easy for some players.. well they should start playing on console this game.

The thing I wanted to give feedback is that to clear cataclysm missions LEGALLY, not by cheating will take usually several hours. IF you have a group of skilled players with headset who know how to cooperate. For example few of us have been trying to do engines of war on cataclysm for 2 weeks and FINALLY got it now. But here is the feedback. It is absolutely not rewarding to play on cataclysm difficulty because the loot and reward system is so unbalanced. Usually there are 3 blues at the bottom and 1 red at the top.. sometimes if lucky there is 2 reds at the top. So after few hours of trying one will probably get a blue or maybe orange item. That is not motivating after so much hard work. And one cant even think of doing cataclysm missions with all the grimoires and tomes or it would be at least super difficult.

So overall I wanted to say that on ps4 most of the people havent even finished hard missions. Only few players play on cataclysm. And most of them are just exploiting Black Powder. Which I hate!!! I wish you would fix that black powder exploit already. And I wish you would also make the cataclysm loot system more rewarding. That there would be a bigger chance of aquiring red item. For ex. Always 2 reds in the top. And maybe only 1 blue at bottom or no blue items at all. Why on earth there is almost every time 3 blues and only 1 red item.. I could just play nightmare and have better chance of getting red items. If it would be more rewarding, I would be motivated to play more on cataclysm. I have talked about this with many members and they all agree on this one. If one tries to clear on cataclysm map for several weeks only to get blue item.. well.. yeah.. and they are now difficult.. I dont know what you developers have done recently on console version of the game but there are now constantly waves coming and multiple specials.. feels like its getting even harder than before. I dont say its a bad thing, but it should be more rewarding.



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    And I can add here also the feedback about the private lobbies or games.. currently they are not private at all.. Almost every time when I want to solo missions or play with 1-2 friends some random player joins the game.. usually from the communities. And ruins the game because he has no idea what to do when he comes in the middle of the game and usually is not wanted also. Because its private game. So need to dispand party or kick player out. I dont like usually kick players our because the community for ps4 is so small, that some plrs might get upset and stop playing even. But for everyones sake there should be like an invitation only possibility. Then no friends or randoms from communities could join your session. You could invite players you want to play with or play alone. I had to remove several players from friends because they were always joining my games randomly when I did not want to play with them at that time. So I wish Fatshark would reconsider this private lobby of theirs and maybe change it to be actually private. :)
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