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Double-special spawn rate after last xbox patch - glitch or working as intended?

sfoxxsfoxx 12 PointsUnconfirmed, Level2
After the last xbox patch the game is running a lot more smoothly - no more random crashes (yay!)
but.... specials seem to be spawning 2 by 2. Hear a gutter runner? Nope 2 of them. Character calls out a rattling gunner? Nope, 2 of them - and that's on top of other specials and a few Storm Vermin joining the party. The double-globadier spawn is a particular nightmare.
It's not just me, everyone I've played with has noticed it and many an attempt to unlock cataclysm has resulted in defeat and demoralisation - to the point some people I play with are reluctant to play nightmare and want to "stay safe" on hard, which ain't too much fun for me, but I can see why
After extensive research (Googled it) I can't find a mention of this change to special spawn rates (apart from PC bug reports for patches the xbox doesn't have).
So can anyone confirm if this is a bug and are Fatshark aware?


  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    I had this before the patch and I related it to the difficulty. On Nightmare, yes you should be getting double spawns because I 'always' did on that difficulty. Perhaps you didn't notice it before but I have personally not seen a spike in difficulty. In fact, I feel like it's actually a bit easier because bots are playing a tad better. The real problem is, two or ten Globadiers wont make the difference as much as how aware the team is. For instance, 10 Globadiers getting killed right away is not going to cause complaints because they are voided by death. Honestly, if you cannot kill two specials how are you going to survive Cataclysm where EVERYTHING can kill you easily?
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  • TanglethornTanglethorn 22 PointsMember, Level2
    edited December 2016
    Actually, Its a known issue that came about after the last patch and I've heard that Fatshark is currently investigating. Although I agree the game requires good players and great team work, automatically assuming its the player is incorrect. I've played with Sfoxx quite a few times. We both noted the duplicate spawn rates glitch while in game and so has my regular group of players. Hard difficulty can suddenly shoot through the roof when two gutter runners\hook rats spawn on top of a Rat Ogre and while spawning two specials is not really the issue here, spawning duplicates is.

    I've been playing the game since its PC release and recently switched over to the Xbox One. Something definitely changed. I've recorded 2-3 Xbox clips showing the issue. If anyone from Fat Shark is reading this, let me know if you'd like for me to forward you what I have.


  • sfoxxsfoxx 12 PointsUnconfirmed, Level2
    I'm guessing they'r a little busy right now, with the weapon rebalance and making sure the new DLC works, plus all the other bug-reports, and of course, bringing all this to console as well . Last they mentioned it, Q& Contracts MIGHT be combined with with the dwarf DLC for console, so that's a lot of pressure with Xmas on the horizon.

    I'm actually getting used to it now and just presume that when I hear a PM or gutter runner, there'll be another right behind it. Those double-globadiers are still a pain tho!
  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    I'm still waiting impatiently for the Kinect feature they didn't promise where my cats can help me kill Skaven. Come on Fatshark get on it!
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  • Fatshark_HedgeFatshark_Hedge 389 PointsAdministrator, Fatshark, Level4
    Quanrian said:

    I'm still waiting impatiently for the Kinect feature they didn't promise where my cats can help me kill Skaven. Come on Fatshark get on it!

    Would be amazing!

    We're kind of okay with it how it is right now, but with some balance changes on the way it may be revised :)
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