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I got this game on ps4 at launch at midnight and couldnt play for almost 2 weeks due to invert being broke. Then matchmaking was broke and a complete mess rendering the whole game unplayable especially being a online multiplayer co op game..But months later youre games still broke and unplayable Fatshark??? Please do the right thing and issue us ps4 players a damn refund and save yourself and company complete disgrace.


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    The inversion has been fixed as well as a host of other issues. What issues are you facing explicitly?
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    The best one is the connection lost or broken connection message usually halfway through a match or if im lucky and usually i get it at the end of matches. Truly a way to make someone stop playing. Before you ask yes im directly connected to modem and i have a 48 meg connection speed and no other issues with other online games...The game also shouldn't have been released with invert completely broken thats crazy that you guys released it like that especially when you got our money on pre download and we recieved a broken product but do to companies with shady practices and unfinished games released with the great policies of sony on digital contents no refund once played crap i will be buying the scorpio and steering clear of digital content especially from fatshark ever again....thx
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