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Turrets and Defences

My_GoldfishMy_Goldfish 22 PointsMember, Level2
So when I first heard of, I had something like monday night combat. 
Where you had turret bases, and you were able to spawn several kinds of turrets. 
This was a bit simplistic, but it gave us some tower defense strategy. 

So this was what i expected from bloodsports.Tv, where the classes could also deploy (at stationairy bases, or anywhere) defences or turrets. That would help them defend.
But maybe just giving the players the option to add abilities to the boxbot-bases, like auras or turrets, or different kind of boxbot spawns. 

But this was just what i had in mind, when I heard of it, so I was a bit disappointed (i still like a lot) when i noticed i couldnt interact with the bots. 
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