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so at the risk of incurring "f$&k off and die noob" responses, I'm going to float the idea that FS could take a look at the behaviour of gutter-runners and packmasters and tweak it, based on the number of players not incapacitated. So far so obscure? I'll give an example that might be clearer.

-it's a not infrequent occurrence to have to players down (tied up) and so only 2 players actually playing the game - only for both of us to get instantly pounced/incapacitated by gutter-runners, packmasters or a combination of the 2. At those times it feels like there was literally nothing we could do to avoid our fate. Last time it happened accompanied by an ogre and horde (with the ocaissional Stormvermin thrown in). But even when it's just gutter-runners or packmasters the result is the same - both players instantly downed and nothing anyone can do.

I understand that the randomness of encounters is part of what makes the game replayable and keeps players on edge, but sometimes it feels like success or failure is taken out of my hands and given to a virtual coin-toss: heads you get a ratling and globadier, tails you get 2 gutter runners round the corner - tough luck. And that's one of the crappier reasons to fail a game.

So I was wondering if FS could directly rip off an idea from Payday 2 and how cloakers (who perform similar ninja-esque takedowns) perform in that game. More than one active player (or bot) and they OHK you - but if you're last man standing, they hold off and don't pounce - until you rescue another player and then it's business as usual.

So I understand if people prefer the random harshness and consider it an essential part of the game, but from my perspective, it's nothing more than cheap. Discuss


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    You can hear them whisper if the dwarf doesn't yell "SHOW YOURSELF ASSASSIN RATTY !!!"
    Al you need is a trueflight bow or a boltstaff <:-P
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