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Path of Glory System

My_GoldfishMy_Goldfish 22 PointsMember, Level2
edited July 2015 in Feedback & Suggestions
At the moment the path of glory system is a bit stiff and annoying.

Doing the achievements one by one, is really frustrating
While you did revive a lot of people earlier, but now nobody dies, it's lazy mode for creating replay value.

Another issue is, that this system forces the player to stick with his/her class. Because they have to start from zero when they want to play another class, this is in most games this way. But the other extreme, where the awards apply to all classes, also forces the player to play ALL classes, if he/she wants all bonuses. 

So I would just want a lot more achievements, that are all active at once, unless they are milestone. While the rewards partly apply to all classes, and another part applies to all classes, but are in general less. Or more simple, general achievements.
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