This is way to hard on PS4.

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I was really good at Left 4 Dead and I've now put a good number of hours into Vermintide but trying to complete any Mission on even Hard mode is ridiculous on a console. It feels like you're playing Expert from Left 4 Dead, you can't make a single mistake and even then, if the game decides to throw an Ogre and a Rat Patrol at you, it's an instant fail.

Normally I'm completely good with hard modes and I like the challenge but this is incredibly frustrating to play a Mission for 20 minutes and then fail every single time because there's just to much hitting you from every direction and there is no "breaks" like L4D to even catch your breath and regroup your team.

I understand how to block and how to dodge, it's just not enough on this difficulty, there's always a rat or something hitting you from another angle. I really want to keep playing this and keep the community alive but honestly, I think I'm done and I suspect this game is going to be basically be empty by next year. Newer players like myself are going to enjoy the Missions on Normal and then realize they need to play Hard for any progression of decent loot (which is fine) and then just get stonewalled and give up playing.

I understand the game takes teamwork, that's the point of it, but was no consideration put into the fact that almost no one uses a Mic on a console and we already don't have a typing option?

Are there any plans at all to scale this difficulty down so someone playing with a controller has a chance to win Hard Mode?

Also, it would be insanely helpful if this game told people what Tomes do. It's infuriating highlighting Tomes to people who just stare at you with an empty healing slot and then walk away.


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    Dude you just need to get good. It takes time. My crew and me made it to cataclysm. Send me a friend invite and I'll try and help you. :)
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    Also I can understand your trouble I had to go through it myself and even had to do some alone. Though i have to disagree and say I like the difficulty and think it's fair. Hard was the worst till the next difficulty then it was easy. Plus you are correct in that early players do not normally use mics it takes around 20-30lvls to realize that they should use one. Like I said if you want I'll help. P.s. I can't hardly wait for quests & contracts update! For the emperor!
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