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PlayStation 4: Patch Notes

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Please find the latest patch notes for Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide on PS4

Patch 1.0.4 - November 10


  • Fixes for various engine and backend crashes
  • Fix for invincible rats and for random hit-fails

Previous Patches:

Patch 1.0.3 - October 18


  • Matchmaking fixes to make sure players are able to join and host games via the matchmaking feature as intended. Please note that we expect to make further fixes and tweaks to the matchmaking in future patches but this should bring the MM up to a workable state.
  • Fix for a crash occurring when switching character in the Inn with other players present.
  • Fix for a crash occurring when spam switching weapons.
  • Magnus Tower level now needs to be completed before Drachenfels levels can be played.
  • Fix for slow response when switching weapons in one of the alternative DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller setups.
Patch 1.0.2 - October 8


  • Updated version of map screen menu.
  • New level filter for adventure mode.
  • Added new overview screen in custom game menu.
  • Changed custom game screen flow.
  • Reworked matchmaking to avoid players being forced into games with high ping.
  • BGM playback when game is selected in Home Screen.
  • Added option to disable ingame tutorial pop-up, blocked input prompts from tutorial from ever showing in main game.
  • Added alternative controller layouts.
  • Changed the way unlocking difficulties for adventure levels works.
  • Changed outline of rescue-able players and added new rescue icon.
  • Support for left control stick navigation in menus.
  • Enabled inventory chest from start.
  • New ingame voting added.


  • Fixed an issue with inverted controls not working correctly
  • Hero selection will now automatically select the previous played hero.
  • Fixed revive bleed-out issue.
  • Implemented message to shown that your inventory is full when trying to pick up items.
  • Disabled joining from friends menu when the friend is in your game.
  • Players can no longer bleed if they are being revived.
  • Removed ammo count when playing as Bright Wizard.
  • Removed Blood & Gore option.
  • Fixed tutorial end cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue with "New" weapon symbol always being displayed.
  • Healing items will no longer be viewed as on top of each other.
  • Health bars no longer disappearing upon exploding.
  • Revive tooltip now clamps to sides when players face another direction.
  • Damage now synced correctly over network.
  • Swapping items moved to interact input when using default settings.
  • Fix for vertical sensitivity changing with horizontal sensitivity.
  • Fix that makes bots more eager to use their ranged weapons at ratling gunner(s) after taking cover.
  • Fix for bots falling through floor on Smuggler´s Run.
  • Fixed finger poses in all bow animations.
  • Optmization of Enemey Below end event.
  • Added player climb sounds.
  • Fixed stormvermin attack sounds.
  • Fix for exploit location on The Fall.
  • Muted player sounds during intro cutscenes.
  • Enemy weapons will no longer fall through the ground.
  • Disabled packmaster claw dynamic constraints on player/bot characters when not hooked by packmaster.
  • Corrected Poison Wind Globadier head hitbox.
  • Skaven Horde sound fixes.
  • Bots will no longer do friendly fire to other players on higher difficulties.
  • Smuggler´s Run event horde fixes.
  • Fixed offset candle flames.
  • The Horn of Magnus end event horde fix.
  • Particle Optimizations.
  • Added ledges to certain fences.
  • Fix for infinite loading screen.
  • Added a delay to the fade in to remove stalls in-game.
  • New layout for player unit frame and loadout.
  • Added act title text when selecting level.
  • Removed unlocked level text when selecting area on the map.
  • Fix for host not being able to kick client in a 2 player game.
  • Crashfix for switching user and leaving game while matchmaking.
  • Matchmaking now uses localized strings.
  • Fix for limbo on disconnect when finishing a level.
  • Fixed Controller settings label in the Options menu when using Polish language.
  • Safeguarded a crash potentially triggered by lujit misbehaving.
  • Fix for constant controller rumble during the escape event on Castle Drachenfels.


  • You may find your local settings to have reset (such as gamma and any other config). These will need to be re-adjusted per your preferences.
  • Difficulty unlocks have been corrected, and as such you will need to complete all levels on one difficulty to unlock the next, as opposed to just completing just one. This process starts from Hard, through Nightmare and on to Cataclysm. Default unlocked difficulties remain unlocked.
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