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heroic wave 37 , how it felt

logen_8doigtslogen_8doigts 14 PointsMember, Level2
had a fun afternoon with a good team on the fall, very intense moments . next time we'll try to keep the bombs and potions for the wave 37 with 4 rat ogre , 3 specials and the normal rats :p
buttcheeks were clenched and stormvermins pushed off the bridge . most troublesome moments were the 5 ratlings at the same time , or any multiple globe rat apparitions :p

for those who ask : imperial with 2h sword , devastating blow ( obligatory ) , bloodlust and stamina regen on hits. handgun with extra ammo and mastercraft. anti globe trinket , share health and share speed/strengh .

the 4th player was a pick up and i'd like to thank void dragon ( i think ) for his amazing elf skills ;)

also share your proudests scoreboards
1440 x 900 - 227K


  • TsuchinokoTsuchinoko 88 PointsMember, Level3
    edited April 2016
    i'm tryng to reach wave 40 as a personal goal in both maps but with pub games it's extreamely difficoult. so far i was only able to reach wave 17 on towns meating and wave 23 on the fall on heroic :(
  • overnathanti2overnathanti2 32 PointsMember, Level2
    Lol last time I reached wave 63. You would love how it feels to be raped by 6 ogre and a lot of specials/stormvermins. Plus you don't have a single healing potion/pack anymore. Feels like krut :)
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