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This Needs To Stop

GernGern 32 PointsMember, Level1
edited March 2016 in Red Moon Inn
Fatshark, you need to make fixing these bots a priority! I am sick of having my time wasted because your bots are useless. I would like to know if you are unable to fix them because your programmers are inept, or you are just unwilling to fix them becuase you like to punish your customers. Why not open this game up to modders. They will get the problem fixed in a week.

In this video I babysat the bots all the way to end of Engines of War on nightmare. I collected 1 grimoire and two tomes. All the bots died at some point during the mission but I got them all back up. and BTW I really play the game. I don't just equip a run speed trinket and push Skaven out of the way and run through the game.

While waiting for the boat at the end of the mission I tried to take my first health of the game only to get hit and downed and then abandoned by the bots. If you play solo a lot then this is nothing you haven't seen before but it never gets any easir to accept.

I just want to add: Fatshark, you suck and don't deserve to make money from this game in it's current condition. Btw I bought two copies to play co op.


  • KusanoskyKusanosky 63 PointsMember, Level2
    You buy a coop game for play with bots? And you cry cause they are not better than player? LOL
  • GulfwulfGulfwulf 72 PointsMember, Level3
    While I agree with Gern's view on the AI, I don't agree with their sentiments concerning the game and Fat Shark. I play this with my wife and a friend of ours and we all have a blast even though the AI is rather stupid at times. I would like to see it revamped, but I can live with it while I'm playing with others.
  • KlaghKlagh 38 PointsMember, Level2
    Bad side of powerful IA : people farming solo games with bots --> More private game, less active lobby
    I prefer stupid bots and lay with real people. Even if they don't play well, they get to learn and do better (if you care to explain them what they are doing wrong)

    I noticed many people raging on others because they don't play the way they want them to play.
    Either manage to make a team of people by keeping in touch for later games, or accept the fact you're doing playing with "pick up" :p

    Just my 2cp on the fact that AI is not a priority.
  • BelmontBelmont 124 PointsMember, Level3
    edited March 2016
    the weird thing is "when people are down on the floor, it's a priority to help them"
    but the bots are doing like if you are invisible ^^, frustrating.
    i don't say the bot must be as good as you or better (kind of instant hs=aimbot powa), i just say that when the player is down on the floor, the minimum is that the bot MUST help the player.

    really, it's the oddest thing in this game for me, above all the bugs (& it could be corrected).
    when it happens after a moment & that nobody is joining (it's very rare), i feel like "ha, it seems the devs don't want that i finish this run ..." because it's like this in the game =D

    i'll prefer seeing the bots dying, trying to help me than watching the birds in the sky or looking for a boat coming from the sea n_n
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  • GulfwulfGulfwulf 72 PointsMember, Level3
    I mentioned that to Hedge awhile back. He didn't comment on it, but I believe he let the team know so they can look into it.
  • Fatshark_HedgeFatshark_Hedge 389 PointsAdministrator, Fatshark, Level4
    Bot AI does remain on my list of pressures being applied to this day, indeed. Sorry for the delayed response to this thread in particular, but, yes - I'm continuing to drive this message forward to the team.
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  • KanonKanon 137 PointsMember, Level3
    You can always just give the bots extra HP and damage as a placeholder until their AI is not, you know, embarrassing.
  • Decimal115Decimal115 30 PointsMember, Level2
    I do agree that the bots need some work, but there was no reason to be as rude as you were to the devs. They all work very hard to continually support an amazing game, and they don't deserve disrespect at the moment of your frustration.
    Please, if you do have serious points to make, make them civilly.
  • KundoKundo 23 PointsMember
    Trying to heal with a med while the rats were hitting you?, the bots answered properly; good AI.
  • VindredVindred 40 PointsMember, Level2
    I've always been rather pleased that they work as good as they do.

    Yes, the bots are stupid when you compare them to a human being, but a human is a thinking machine in a world full of inanimate objects. They're pretty reasonable for inanimate objects.
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