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Late Introduction - Empire Soldier - Nightmare difficulty

Tysonm1Tysonm1 13 PointsMember, Level1
edited February 2016 in Red Moon Inn
Hello, everyone! Empire Soldier here that likes using the Mace/Shield combo with the handgun! Level 60 on the time I am posting this and been doing nothing but nightmare runs for a while now. Hoping to get some Cataclysm runs going if I catch anyone online, I'm a UK player so anyone in that same timezone that fancies hitting up for a good run just jump straight in.

I mainly aim to do Tome/Grimoire runs for all that goody-goody loot. My full name in-game is PFC Tyson [29th ID] which is a clan on another game for those that are wondering. I generally tend to host whenever I'm online.
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