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Looking for group, eh?

SamsaSamsa 13 PointsMember, Level1
Hello all! I'm new to Vermintide, and I'm completely in love with Bardin's mechanics. I wall up with a shield and hammer, and focus on pushing enemies away from the group. Ranged weapon is a "hand" gun for headshotting those pesky gunners.

I'm looking for a semi-casual group on Eastern time (I'm in Toronto, Canada) who run mainly on Hard. I like to communicate a lot (I'm a recon pilot in MechWarrior Online), and my goal is generally to have fun and slaughter hordes of vermin, but when we get to the fighting, things get serious.

Drop me a line! My Steam userid is whythecynic


  • DustyRatFatDustyRatFat 32 PointsMember, Level2
    edited October 2016
    Ah too bad you aren't on PS4. I'm in Toronto too and would've been down to play.

    Edit: Wow, didn't notice the date lol. GG me.
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