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Veteran skaven warlord with multiple personalities issues

ScyllaScylla 37 PointsMember, Level2
Hello there!

I've come to the world of Warhammer through the dungeon crawling boardgame Warhammer Quest about 20 years ago. Not long after I started collecting a skaven army for the 5th edition of the wargame, eventually gave it a Clan Skryre theme, had fun with tabletop Mordheim, left it all on the shelves for a few years, and started painting and playing (8th edition ruleset) again recently as my group of old friends all brought their armies back from limbo (to the discreet despair of several girlfriends 8-|). I might post pictures of my skaven army someday if anybody's interested.

These days are fantastic for Warhammer fans, if you forget Age of Sigmar. I'm really looking forward for WH Total War and I'm playing both Vermintide and the new video game Mordheim at the moment - both brilliant. However it sometimes feel mighty weird to pamper my Clan Skryre models on my desk on a given day, slaughter Clan Fester troops in first person in Ubersreik on the next day, and coordinate a warband made of Possessed Cultists and Clan Eshin looters though the ruins of Mordheim on the third day...

Anyway, I'm joined this forum to report text issues and I'm glad it's been super swiftly taken into account, and by no less than an AP.

Thanks for the great game, hf gl!


  • KommissarKommissar 211 PointsMember, Level4, Beta Tester
    Da Harro and welcome ! :>
    Go Hard or Go Home

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