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[Feature Request] Please add the ability to look at item shop outside of games

genuwine21genuwine21 12 PointsMember, Level1

First I have to say this game is awesome, but one thing this game needs to help new players and those who want to experiment with builds is the ability to view the item trees outside of a game, perhaps from the main menu.


  • BlondieBlondie 412 PointsAdministrator, Fatshark
    It's not in the game, but you could check out the Bloodsports.TV wiki
    Livestream Producer / IT-Technician | @ omfgblondie
  • genuwine21genuwine21 12 PointsMember, Level1
    Blondie said:

    It's not in the game, but you could check out the Bloodsports.TV wiki

    Thanks, I have looked at the wiki, but it is actually not the best for trying to draft builds quickly, as I have to look at a bunch of items to see the trees etc. Obviously not sure if this was a design decision to make the timer between waves force players to memorize item builds and craft proper ones over time, currently making optimal decisions on build requires jumping into tutorial so you can run numbers there.
  • iKindrediKindred 22 PointsMember, Level1
    I would love this feature! And if you think of it just an empty level with unlimited money and no timer would sufice to check items and try builds.
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