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Elf looking for party (catacylsm)

PhaedraPhaedra 71 PointsMember, Level3
edited February 2016 in Red Moon Inn
Hello patrons,

sword / dagger and true-flight longbow.

Group heal Trinkets, Luck, Gas resistance

What I'm looking for
I like groups which stick together, cover flanks and use chokepoints such as doorways and (no spawn) corners wherever possible. Most random parties do not do this consistently which leads to many unnecessary wounds and failed runs on Nightmare/Cata. That is all I'm really looking for in a team :)

I'll play any mission, though my preferred / most often played quests include Horn of Magnus, Engines of War Smugglers Run, Enemy Below, and Man the Ramparts.


  • KimberKimber 44 PointsMember, Level3
    Right now I'm rocking the Dwarf Ranger with Orange 2h Axe and Orange 4-shot Grudge Raker.
    My trinket set up is pretty defensive (-60% from rattlings, -60% from Gutterrunners, +40% health when incapacitated or -40% from Poison Clouds)

    I'm always running nightmares at the moment, will be looking into running some cataclysms fairly soon, add me up for some regular party runs. :)
  • PhaedraPhaedra 71 PointsMember, Level3
    Added :)

    My new trinket setup is healing tools 10%, Potion Rack 60%, and engineers tools 15%

    I also have a bottle of exotic wine, which provides a 25% chance of potions not being consumed.
  • VaralorneVaralorne 2 PointsMember, Level1
    My friend and I are on the lookout for decent party members to add to our tiny group. Although she does prefer to main the elf herself, and I like to play her myself from time to time, we're fairly flexible.
  • TrixtyHobbitTrixtyHobbit 12 PointsMember, Level1
    Im looking for NightMare players, i like to play all the heros but my best 3 are whitch hunter elf and soldier
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