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Exploit invincible Script - Fatshark support report

lebdevlebdev 31 PointsMember, Level2
As developers and admins, Fatshark needs to listen more to the feedback and have hands on support

This feeling that everyone cashed so much on indie development that the work outweighs the benefit without added value on continuous play from resources

And that the engine has limitations, without sufficient protection vs scripts to imbalance measures taken ingame

Suggest to monitor player stats as resource if thats held in a database

Reporting player "Havoc" using the invincible script for loot farming

All players are invincible and don't see each other


  • lebdevlebdev 31 PointsMember, Level2
    Why isn't this issue resolved yet? As shown attached, I joined a server wherein the exact same script is still working

    This results in infinite runs with infinite rolls, invincible
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