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[AU] Need Australian Players for Cataclysm Runs only

KelloggsKelloggs 71 PointsMember, Level2
Only serious ones please. We managed to finish Man The Ramparts, Horn of Magnus, and Smuggler's run without any difficulties.
Supply And Demand - we make it up to the finale and this is where we struggle at the moment due to continuous spawns. We managed to make it up half way and killed two Ogres in the map, but a quick damage dealer or knock-backer would be good to clear out the rats.

Add me steam: Kelloggsie


  • PhaedraPhaedra 71 PointsMember, Level3
    I'm not Australian but I have superb connection. If you host I can play without difficulty. I have not completed the game on Cata, but it's what I play.

    I am a quick damage dealing Elf with lots of knockback. My sword/dagger has devastating blow and my longbows have 40 percent chance to take stromvermin off their feet ;)

    I sent you a Steam request" K "
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