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New Maps Scoring is Bugged

OxyCleanManOxyCleanMan 13 PointsMember, Level1
edited May 2015 in Bug Reports
I joined a game with my friend on the Blood Brawl Map. After we played through to wave 10/10 one time we changed the map to Bonesand Plateau and changed it to endless. We played both maps on Master 1. After losing on Wave 20 in the Bonesand Plateau we checked our scores and I don't have a score on the Bonesand Plateau, but my score on the Blood Brawl map is now the same score I should have on the Bonesand Plateau. There were two other players who also played in both matches with me and my friend and they also have no score on Bonesand Plateau as well. Their score on the Blood Brawl Map is the same as mine instead of what we actually earned on the respective maps. Game version is 30719


  • OxyCleanManOxyCleanMan 13 PointsMember, Level1
    Upon further inspection there appears to be a series of more bugs with the score board. The number one player on the Bonesand Plateau seems to have been in the group that has the high score on Blood Brawl. The number two team on the Blood Brawl map somehow has a reported mix of players playing on Master 1 and Apocalympics 1.
  • LillarpyLillarpy 31 PointsToadman
    Hi OxyCleanMan, thank you for reporting this. We are looking into it.
  • LillarpyLillarpy 31 PointsToadman
    This should be patched and fixed now. 
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