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Issues with the new items' descriptions

MalvodionMalvodion 41 PointsMember, Level2
edited May 2015 in Bug Reports
While I was adding the new content to the wiki I noticed there is a couple of minor but still noticeable errors and inconsistencies in this items descriptions for Super-Duper Nailgun and Vigilante Cape.

First, the cooldown on this item says "Second" instead of "seconds". Then the tooltip for Super-Duper Nailgun calls tech power "TP" even though its not called like that anywhere else in the game, that could confuse some players. Then you have the active component (Nailstorm) mentioned above the passive component (perforating shot), all other items in the game always show the passive effects at the top with the active one at the bottom.

Vigilante's active could also do with a small rewording, from "transfers 60% of their damage taken" to something like "transfers 60% of all damage they take".

Not a bug but I still wanted to say that you did a nice job with this small expansion, keep up the good work. :)

EDIT: Is Cosmic Relay supposed to cost 2200 (no "recipe"/"fusion" cost, since it's component cost 2200 total) or was that an oversight? It does seem to be a tad cheap for what it does. If it isn't then it should probably be fixed.


  • LillarpyLillarpy 31 PointsToadman
    Thanks for reporting this Malvodion. An fix have been added to the next patch for these.

    The Cosmic Relay was a really good find. It lacked its own item cost (750) so it should cost 2950 in total. 
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