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Alright, first off, I'm gonna get something out of the way very quick because I didn't know where to put it in the forums: The number one player of the general highscore is most likely a cheater. I tried to look for his highscores on all the maps, and he isn't even in the top 20 highscores on the maps but he still managed to get the number 1 general score. It is completely impossible.

EDIT: I just saw the notes of the patch that fixed Hardy Klanning being invincible with his Warmachine skill's tech power scaling. As most of the solo high scores are made playing Hardy Klanning, I guess they happened while this was still present, and may just make this whole post invalid. (Except the "intro" about the cheater, of course.)

Alright, now for actual Feedback & Suggestions about highscores. It seems that the highest scores on maps (and by quite a huge difference) are single players, and I feel this isn't good for a game which is supposed to be mainly around coop. In my opinion, playing coop should get your better results than playing solo. I can't really say how that should go for balancing the game, but I don't find it normal that a single person can go way further in the game than a team of coordinated players with developped synergies and I think you should really do something about that. Maybe it will be kind of unfair for people playing solo, but this game (and I saw you say that) is mostly made for coop, and right now the coop players I feel are the ones the game is unfair with. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe current teams aren't strong enough, but if this is the case I don't think the differences in wave reached and in score would be that big. All of this "suggestion" was a conclusion from looking at the highscores, I am not one in a team of friends with developed synergy, and I did not try playing solo either; I just saw something was wrong (in my opinion) by looking at the highscores.

Thank you for your read.


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    We will monitor the high scores and do some calculations. If we find any cheaters their scores will be removed. 

    However it is a national holiday today so it will be done after the weekend.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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