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New Game Mode - Streaming Outlaw Spawns

MorsaiMorsai 23 PointsMember, Level1
First off, I have really been enjoying this game and I hope you as developers are having equally fun making it :)

On to the idea. I have found that while playing endless mode is thrilling, sometimes having to wait for the mobs to spawn can be annoying, especially at lower game difficulties when you are waiting a minute between each wave. Some of this time can be spent killing the neutral creeps around the map, (if the map you are on has them) buying items or healing. I think it would be fun to get rid of the time between waves, in order to force players to find a balance between shopping, farming the neutrals and protecting the defenses. An endless stream of guys that come out of the entrances towards the player. Waves could either stay the same and progress at set times, or at a certain number of outlaws spawned.

I think that this would be great for players who may not have a lot of time to play and want to make progress on some of their more gruesome Path to Glory achievements. 
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