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Camera Control Options

Tejan55Tejan55 13 PointsMember, Level1
edited April 2015 in Feedback & Suggestions
As a person that plays the game with an unlocked camera I would like to make a few suggestions for things you should add for the camera controls.

First, and in my opinion most importantly, an option to change camera speed. I personally prefer much high camera speeds and the game's current speed is about half the speed I would use.

Second, change how camera grip works. To explain it in words: the current way feels like using middle mouse button in a browser, while it should feel like the pointer digs into the ground and moves it.
To show it in game:
Here's screen grab in Warcraft 3:
Here's screen grab in Bloodsports:

Third, an option for camera deceleration, or how quickly the camera comes to a standstill after you move it. It seems like the camera in this game has no deceleration, I say this because the camera feels like it has a jerky stop once you stop scrolling, which I like, but there are some people that would like the smoother stop that comes from deceleration.

And now for a final suggestion that doesn't have to do with camera control, in this game you can attack move. I like that when you press A is changes the mouse to a red color, but if possible could you also change the arrow color when you click to also be red? This is a bit of a nitpick, but as someone that often makes mistakes it would be nice to have that second backup knowledge in there.


  • AkiAki 22 PointsMember, Level1
    I'm adding my input to Tejan55's post as it mostly has to do with the camera.

    The camera moving in the main menu causes extreme motion sickness for me. I don't get motion sickness from FPS, top down RTS, 3rd person shooters, or side scrollers.  I do get motion sick from: no context scrolling background (Teraria's main menu, but not it's gameplay, Card City Night's menus), Subject focus camera spin (Magic the Gathering's victory screen), ocean boat simulation (Bloodsport's main menu).

    It is difficult to navigate the option menu to find out if there is a option to get a static camera on main menu. Thank you for having the full options menu also available within game. I found my user_settings.config, and debug_rendering=true makes the menu's camera black ^.^ but makes gameplay black too >D I didn't see any other options that looked relevant.

    Within game, I expect an unlocked camera to move when near the edge of the screen.  When clicking on the minimap to move the camera, the camera's movement is very sluggish (at least 250ms lag). This smooth moving camera is useful for cut-scenes, but annoying for gameplay purpose. This input lag for camera movement extends to the keyboard arrows. Targeting locations (such as the tutorial character's jump attack) shows this same input lag.

    Within menus, I expect the ESC key to function as a back, or Exit button (with a "Are you sure you want to quit?" dialog). Without it, I'm searching for where the individual menu keep's it's back button.

    Thank you for your time.
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