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Stunning enemies removes their projectiles

MisokaMisoka 25 PointsMember, Level2
edited April 2015 in Bug Reports
If you stun an enemy that is currently casting an ability, for example rocket blast, the casting is cancelled and all of the projectiles that are already flying just disappear.

I think this happens with most abilities. Even if you stun them as the projectile is flying the projectile is removed as long as they are still casting the ability. This is just much more obvious with the rocket blast as there are multiple projectiles that all just disappear at once.

I have also noticed that this happens in a way with the life steal aura from the wave x7 boss. You can stun the boss shortly after the life steal aura becomes visible and it just disappears. This may of course just be how the effect is displayed though. It does seem that there is a short time after an enemy fully charges an ability where the ability can still be interrupted. When playing this looks weird, especially when projectiles that are flying towards you just disappear.

Version: 30474
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