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Funniest Moments?

RainBohDahRainBohDah 2 PointsMember, Level1
Just had a set of games that sprouted the most fun group I've ever known in Vermintide and wanted to see what kind of situations other people got a laugh out of.

It started with Wheat and Chaff on Nightmare. I started hosting after being fed up from not having some missons done on anything harder than Hard. Some people joined in and I started 1 man down. Suffice it to say, we got mobbed from Stormvermin. Despite having a bunch of removal, a strat, and people to do that, it all fell apart when the tank came by. That group left and the next came in. That's where the fun started.

Try #1
Immediate ogre spawn. We gave up and decided to restart.

Try #2
We tried to gather all the grain bags and then get to the caravan, but it failed due to Stormvermin floods.

Try #3
Immediate ogre spawn. We killed it, with 2 people down, but we didn't do so hot after that with a disadvantage.

Try #4
Immediate ogre spawn. We killed it much easier this time and got a fair distance, almost all the way to the first grain bag before the next one spawned.

Try #5
We did it! Hardly a hiccup until the end due to Stormvermin, but we finished.

We decided to move on to other maps; White Rat, Well Watch, and Supple and Demand.

We left White Rat after 2 attempts and moved on to Well Watch. I don't even know how we managed to do it. I honestly don't. We lost 1 well, almost lost the other, but it was so much more close than just the wells.

We got to the last few hordes when people started dying. It got down to the one last member living (Sienna) shortly after an ogre spawned. Since Sienna can't do much on her own, she ran. Somehow, being plain lucky enough to be close, she managed to reach the spot where you can free friendlies and revived me. I had a 2h hammer as Kruber and promptly got rid of the skaven around while the tank was chewing up the remains of our friendly. Immediately as I got up, she went down. So soon as I got her up, the ogre found us while a friendly spawned in the same spot, ready to be saved. We had to distract the tank and get Bardin up inside of a small alleyway with a set of stairs, separating it into 2 halves. We could barely fit around the tank, but the RNG gods smiled upon us because we got Bardin up and Saltzpyre, killed the tank, without the use of nades, and realized it wasn't going to end until our ride finally came. I wasn't able to keep track of what our objective was, just to hope a well wasn't in need of help. Just as the last few skaven of a wave were being handled, BOOM, the gate to the wagon blew off and we, from the skin of our teeth, escaped the fires of hell and got out.
(with me getting a white for it >.>)

Supply and Demand went essentially flawlessly, just 2 people died right before getting into the wagon, but we did it.

I, for one, love the rng of the game. A group like this makes it not matter if you die or what.

I kinda want to know what situations made you laugh or were just plain ridiculous. In a light-hearted manner, of course.
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