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The Fatshark Team

Kills made exclusively with damage return items grant no gold.

MisokaMisoka 25 PointsMember, Level2
Killing monsters with items that return damage does not grant gold unless you have previously done damage to them.
This happens with the passives "Spiky" (Bladed Jagerboots, 12" Spike Guards), "Feedback" (Sonic Carapace) and "Danger Zone" (Underside Power Armour).

Version: 30474


  • GherniGherni 43 PointsToadman, Level2
    Thank you for reporting this. I'll have a look at it as soon as possible.
  • How4MuchHow4Much 172 PointsMember, Level3, Beta Tester
    edited April 2015
    When that passive kills an enemy you don't get the kill. I made a reflect dmg build to do the bruiser challenge "kill 1000 enemies that attacked you within 3 seconds" i made 300 kills but for the challenge i had only 20.

    I think that since none wil get the kill there is no gold to split over the players.

    #1 beta tester 21/3/2015 - 27/3/2015
    #3 beta tester 27/3/2015 - 28/3/2015


  • GherniGherni 43 PointsToadman, Level2
    A fix for this has been queued up for the next patch.
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