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Freezes and some framrate drops.

Hello i have a problem with the game (awsome game btw) I have a ROG G741JM-T4065H, here' a list of my Hardware :

CPU Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ (2,5 GHz)
Memory 8 Go
and windows 8

So my games freezes and sometimes i have some framerate drop, which make my aim totally useless, it really affects my enjoyment of the game.
In the launcher the game was using the wrong graphic device (chipset) i solved this by forcing the game to use my GPU (see above) using nvidia control panel.
I also tried to optimize the game using Nvidia Geforce experience which set the game at low settings.

I'm all out of solutions, my computer is 5 month old and it can't run Vermintide properly which is a little bit weird.
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