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Bloodsports.TV Patch Notes v1.2 (30474)

CeeCee 406 PointsAdministrator, Moderator, Fatshark
edited May 2015 in General Discussion

A new patch is live! 
This one will focus primarily on fixing issues. 


  • Hardy Klanning’s Warmachine Tech Power scaling removed so that he can no longer be invulnerable. 
    Even tanks can die now 
  • Hardy Klanning’s Warmachine crowd control immunity should now work a lot better.
  • Buzzer Ingholm’s Acid Rain ability tooltip will now display the correct Tech Power scaling.
  • Buzzer Ingholm’s Rigged Decoy and Acid Rain kills now triggers “On Kill” effects.
  • Lil’ Erik’s Unstable Mutation self-inflicting damage halved to match the ability tooltip. 
    Sorry 'bout that one Erik
  • Fixed an issue where a combination of Lil’ Erik’s Unstable Mutation and 12” Spike Guards could injure Gladiators trying to heal Lil’ Erik.
  • Fixed an issue where Gunvald the Mad could get stuck in his Deathmark animation.
  • The Old Moose’s abilities and attacks will now work a lot better.
  • Cerebral Overcharger stacks now grant 5 health per stack as stated in the item tooltip, instead of 1.
  • Fixed an issue where Energy Tap would not trigger correctly at high attack speeds again Energy Tapped targets.
  • Item and ability cooldowns should no longer reset on death.
  • Medikus Path to Glory Achievement “I'm not a scientist” should now give correct amount of Tech Power.


  • Added borderless fullscreen option to video settings.
  • Locked skins can now be previewed in the lobby even if not unlocked through the Path to Glory.
  • You can now use the right mouse button to buy items in the shop with one click.
  • The Scoreboard will now default to showing ‘Top Players’ instead of ‘Find Me’ if you have no scores in the chosen scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the team overview could stop updating player gold values.
  • Fixed an issue where leveling an ability while being dead could show the wrong mana cost and showing abilities as available even though they were not.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Lock Camera on Gladiator” toggle button sometimes showed as not locked when it actually was.
  • Fixed an issue where the lobby chat text sometimes became green.
  • Added a pop up message for when a server fails to be hosted due to no connection to the Steam Servers service.
  • Fixed various typos.


  • Fixed issue where Gladiators could be revived with too much health depending on what items they owned.
  • Fixed crash when pressing escape key while rebinding a key ingame.
  • Fixed an issue where Gladiators could be knock backed through walls (they can still dash through them with abilities).


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