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Knockback through walls

MisokaMisoka 25 PointsMember, Level2
Knockback effects can send you flying through walls.

This happened with the knockback effect from The Old Moose on the Pharma Initiative map. A player was knocked through the wall and into the spikes on the other side.
It happened in a multiplayer game on a player who was not the host.

I have been unable to reproduce this while playing alone. I'm not sure if it's related to multiplayer or if it's just unusual.
I believe I've seen it happen once with the Blast Wave ability from the first boss once as well, but the character went outside the screen so I'm not sure if it went through the wall or just around somehow.

Version: 30363


  • GherniGherni 43 PointsToadman, Level2
    Thank you for reporting this. A fix has been queued up for the next patch.
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