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Starbux Stim-injector, Cerebral Overcharger x 2

MisokaMisoka 25 PointsMember, Level2
Starbux Stim-Injector does not give the 30% increased health regeneration(passive) stated in the item description. Tested on Lil' Erik.

Cerebral Overcharger gives 1 health per stack instead of 5 as stated in the item description. Tested with "Buzzer" Ingholm.

"Buzzer" Ingholm does not recieve stacks for Cerebral Overcharger for kills gotten with his Acid Rain ability. May affect other area of effect abilities but I have not tested this.

Version: 30363


  • GherniGherni 43 PointsToadman, Level2
    edited April 2015
    Thank you for reporting this. Fixes for #2 and #3 have already been queued up for the next patch. I'll have a look at #1 as soon as possible.
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