Erik = Slayer , Borg = Tank , Hardy = OP Tank

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Hey, firstly I'd like to say this game is amazing! I used to play the game mode last stand on warhammer 40k and I saw this game and figured I'd try it out since I loved that and I've already got my time out of it already and still playing it ! The ladder doesnt really interest me but I would like to do my best on the game while same time having fun. And as far as I can see right now, the only person that could do well would be Hardy.

But let's talk about Hardy in just a moment. After playing mostly all of the characters I feel as though Lil' Erik should actually be a slayer and Borg should actually be a tank and my main reason is this: the life regeneration on Erik's w passively scales poorly and Borg's w passively gives him deflect chance and on active gives him 100% deflect which is AMAZING for being tanky with him later levels. Also, the bleed area damage from Erik's ultimate (r ability) is lovely to melt multiple bosses. If I wanted to tank I'd either play Borg or Hardy, Hardy if I actually wanted to live to see past 30+.

As It is right now and way I see it is, Erik NEEDS some form of ability to give him the true tank feeling that he deserves. I got to wave 40 with a group playing as erik, had 75% armor and 20k hp with any way I could squeeze out more regeneration while keeping a 40% deflect and I would die just as fast as the others, well except the Hardy that would be able to stand up to 3 of the rocket bosses plus the mobs shooting and not even lose any life.

I feel like either addition of more unique items (kind of like how the wonderbox gives % of hp is counted as health regen for example) should be added, or the active ability of the w should be changed to give a huge boost to his health regeneration and movement speed vs actually burning him for life and giving him movement. I find it useful the movement speed but the burn that comes with it just negates any personal healing that he can get. Or, I feel like the active ability of Hardy's w should be nerfed just enough so that its harder to get the 100% armor from it. Like a internal tech diminishing return into the formula for it.

Anyways as the game is right now I will still continue to play as I'm enjoying myself. If you know of a way to make Erik tank enough as it is right now I would love to hear it and what items you built on him :) . I'd love to see more items added to actually use deflect as well since you cannot buy deflect implants.


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    I feel the same about Lil'erik and Anders. They should switch roles. Everytime i see someone playing lil'erik they go either full attack damage or hp with attack damage. No armor or anything to make him tanky. And when you look at the scoreboard during game (tab) they're always at top damage. As for Anders, you can play him as a slayer but as a tank he's just way better.

    About Hardy, as you might have seen on the forums, his tankyness got a bit out of hand indeed.

    Some advice; try to focus the bosses one by one and not all at the same time.

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    yeah I was thinking of trying Erik out with maybe all the vamp i could get and scale his tech high, get the 50% and 35% tech -> phy items, implant 100% crit, 50-75% armor and dump everything else into atkpeed til 5-6 sec then go back n forth with crit dmg and atkspeed implants. maybe tomorrow when I wake up.

    yeah I do focus them one by one when solo play but with just a random group I usually get on the end of all the bosses enraging. I'd love to see maybe a way to test builds out before going into a game, so can see what would be good with whom instead of trying it out on a game and end up being behind on everything.
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