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Bug with Curse Clan Idol

SinSmileSinSmile 12 PointsMember, Level1
Sometimes appiars a bug with this item that dectivates passive.

In user interface time is shown like its 0.5 sec, but after 0.5 secs nothing happens and TP time becomes standart. (like w/o Clan Idol)

(mb it appiars only on SolSide Arena map)


  • GherniGherni 43 PointsToadman, Level2
    Thank you for reporting this. Do you remember what you did that caused this to happen? Did you buy or sell any specific item?
    I tested this for a bit and was able to reproduce a situation where I had the Cursed Clan Idol but the teleport cast time was as normal, but unlike your report the cast bar in the UI did also show it as being a normal 5 second cast (it also required buying and selling multiple CCI or Troll-Rabbit's Foot, with some deaths here and there, which is something that usually doesn't happen in a normal game).
    Any more information that you could provide would be helpful, to see if this can happen through "normal" means.
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