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Let's plays

MoerpMoerp 12 PointsMember, Level1
Hi everyone,

my name ios Moerp an i already contected Fatshark asking if i get their permission to make lets plays from Vermintide. I got told that i have to get on a Review list. Can someone explain to me what this is and how i can get on it?




  • MoerpMoerp 12 PointsMember, Level1
    I got it.
  • TheWallTheWall 99 PointsMember, Level3
    Curious, What are "Let's Plays" ?
  • KlaghKlagh 38 PointsMember, Level2
    "Lets Plays" are usualy done by people who already finished a game and feel like starting all over by capturing videos of the experience from strat to end while adding useful informations on mechanics / lore, etc.

    You can find a lot of those on something awful forums.
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