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Missle Health Bar

Hey Everyone,

I just finished a match on the Industry Crossing map, The three lane circular one. Anyways during wave 10 when all hell broke loose and everything was pulling at you in every direction including the Missle getting knocked around, at that point I realised we needed a global health bar for the missle for when its getting damaged.

That way when you are dealing with other threats you are able to guage better how badly the missle is losing health. and when its not in danger after about 10 seconds or so maybe it fades away so it's not to get in anyones way.


  • VelcroraptorVelcroraptor 23 PointsMember, Level1
    I like that idea a lot tbh, there's no unlocked camera to my knowlege. So that would be a useful feature. :)
  • How4MuchHow4Much 172 PointsMember, Level3, Beta Tester
    edited April 2015
    @Velcroraptor if you want to unlock the camera press 'T' or click a red button in the top right corner of your screen with a camera on it

    #1 beta tester 21/3/2015 - 27/3/2015
    #3 beta tester 27/3/2015 - 28/3/2015


  • LaxenLaxen 77 PointsToadman
    A permanent health bar for the missile silo in the HUD could be a neat addition, at least shown when it is at low health. But this is nothing we've planned for right now.

    But for now, you can either as How4Much said play with a unlocked camera ('T' or red HUD button) or if you prefer playing with locked camera, click and hold on the missile silo on the minimap to have the camera move there to see its health.
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