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Buzz's Ability Bug

SeinaSeina 25 PointsMember, Level2
What: It seems that Buzz's Q passive (First attack does additional damage), will occasionally just stop working, even if they hadn't been affected by this. This means it wouldn't do the additional damage, and it would not let me use the passive at all until I had died, in which it would only work again for just a little bit longer, for maybe one wave of outlaws.

Where: I've seen this bug on Industrial Crossing, but could be experienced in other maps too, probably.

Patch: 30363

Rank #92 Beta Tester <3
Fear me.


  • GherniGherni 43 PointsToadman, Level2
    Thank you for reporting this. Do you have any more information on when this happens for you? Were you playing with other Buzzers at the time? Did you buy or sell any specific item that might have triggered it? Anything that you could provide would be of much help. Thank you.
  • FrannathFrannath 12 PointsMember, Level1
    To expand upon this, I've had this bug several times too. It isn't just limited to this ability, but also to items that have on kill effects like cerebal overcharge (grants health and energy on kill and 5 max health and 1 tech stacking 100 times. Only noticed it with this character, but that may just be because her q passive is so noticable when its not there.
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