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Just some ideas in regards to bosses/enemies:

1)  Possible randomization of bosses or random mixing of bosses (rather than multiples of the same boss spawning after passing round 10).
2)  Include characters from Krater as random bosses/mini-bosses-
Examples:  Sluggo (with summons), Dr. Cerebro, Mayhem MK13, Krater multiplayer bosses, [ Yimmie, raver Keith], Bloodclot

Some of these might not necessarily fit the "gladiator sent to protect his/her town" idea, but a voice file could always be put in explaining the character- example Sluggo: "Forcefully removed from the depths of the Deep Caves, Sluggo's captors have forced him to fight in the arena!" etc.
-Possibly incorporate these characters just as rare, randomly generated mini-bosses

Just a couple of ideas to add more to the game in the future.



  • How4MuchHow4Much 172 PointsMember, Level3, Beta Tester
    I really like this idea!

    #1 beta tester 21/3/2015 - 27/3/2015
    #3 beta tester 27/3/2015 - 28/3/2015


  • LaxenLaxen 77 PointsToadman
    Hello stalkin_reality. Nice ideas, thanks!

    1) It was changed a few times during development when and how bosses spawned. We chose to go for a fixed pattern to make it possible to strategize for what you know you'll encounter (crew setup, items etc). Also, the bosses are now balanced for at which wave they appear - this can of course be rebalanced, but it would require some work. That said, it is not an impossibility that we some day add the server option to shuffle the bosses, it is however not likely that its something we'll do very soon :)

    2) These are all cool characters. Hopefully a few of those will find their way onto the Arena some day ;)
  • CedricCedric 40 PointsMember, Level2
    I want to battle the painted polar bears from krater.
  • My_GoldfishMy_Goldfish 22 PointsMember, Level2
    Sounds indeed fun. I also prefer that there are more bosses, minibosses and uncommon horde-enemies instead of just multiplying them.
    Like uncommon enemies, like the Cannoneer, maybe add shield dudes, to allow the hordes to advance easily

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