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Connect to game with password and display ping in searching lobby

DefrelDefrel 50 PointsMember, Level3
1. You can connect to any game with password without the password. This works with friend - okay, but anyway need to do that you must enter a password. But most important thing, that you can connect to game with password even if host is not your friend, you just need to find his steam profile and click there "Connect to game" (or smthng)
2. Ping


  • TedTed 22 PointsToadman
    Hi Defrel!

    1. How are you able to join peoples games when you are not friends with them? Are you using the Steam-overlay and browsing to the persons Steam-profile and able to join from there?

    2. Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no easy way of adding Ping-times to the server list. Technically we are operating over Steam-lobbies not game servers. There is no default support from Steam to ping the lobby owner. We would have to manually establish a connection to the host and ping him. This is possible, but not something we are focusing on right now.

    The best thing you can do now is not using the Wide filter. This will maximize your chances of playing on fairly good servers.
  • DefrelDefrel 50 PointsMember, Level3
    1. Yeah
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