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Games crashes after 4min of gameplay, then on startup afterwards

kaszkasz 22 PointsMember, Level1
I can get to the lobby before the game crashes, and gives me an error relating to d3dtexturecreator failing to create a texture, or something (I didn't save the error message).

When I try to relaunch the game, it crashes immedietly. I get the following message

GUID: a57adc4e-a02f-40ec-a3dd-d80fdc76c859
Log File: e5qblioe.gw2
Info Type: Vermintide/LL/CL/CD
[Engine Error]: D3D11CreateDevice failed. HRESULT: 2289696772=Unknown Error

At `F:\BuildAgent\work\6f7a459b109fb32b\d3d11_render_device\d3d11_render_device\d3d_render_device.cpp:343`

[Crash Link]:

A friend suggested I post my DXDIAG.
My video driver is up to date. Any advise?
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