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How4MuchHow4Much 172 PointsMember, Level3, Beta Tester
While browsing servers you can type huge messages as title, which is cool, but the server names don't fit into the box reserved for the names. 
It might be a good idea that if you click on a server that you can see the entire name somewhere. For example at the top of the screen. When i host games it's mostly something like "Need [class here], [Difficulty]" and when i'm doing a high difficulty it's something like "Need [class here], [Difficulty], no beginners please". Then you can imagen it doesn't fit in the box.

#1 beta tester 21/3/2015 - 27/3/2015
#3 beta tester 27/3/2015 - 28/3/2015



  • LaxenLaxen 77 PointsToadman
    Good idea How4Much, I can for sure see why you would like to share more information through the server name. We'll keep this in mind in case we plan to make any updates to the server list UI. For now you'll just have to make your messages short -or make up smart abbreviations! :D
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