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About the free copy bug

ShugoShugo 34 PointsMember, Level2

so i bought the pre order, as previously said and i only got 1 copy. I wrote a ticket to the support and got a copy of the game. Although, after i activated it, i got one more gift. So i suppose when someone activates the gift that i bought before launch, he'll get 2 copies of the game. What am i supposed to do now, do i have to give the one copy back or can i have it? I post this, because i don't want to lie to the devs and i basically paid 8.99€ for 4, not 2 copies of the game.


  • LiVamLiVam 308 PointsAdministrator, Fatshark
    Consider it compensation for the issue, go ahead and give it to another friend if you like!

    The keys giving a bonus copy should no longer do this. Thanks for letting us know


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