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Warhammer Lore Clear-up

DumdumdurumDumdumdurum 12 PointsMember, Level2
I always enjoyed the Warhammer universe, both fantasy and 40k, but I never played any RPGs, read any lore books or anything in that fashion. The closest thing is probably playing Warhammer Online for a short bit and that's where some of those question comes from actually. I hope you don't mind if I don't just "google things" but I don't want to read a 50 page essay in very dry format where I'm interested in about 10% of it, I'd rather hear it from actual fans who like to write/talk about this sort of thing. So here are some of my questions
The End-Times basically means apocalypse in Warhammer but it's not just about the Skaven right? Is it basically everyone starting to fight everyone else in the true Warhammer fashion? I'm wondering about this because I'd love to see characters of other races like orcs or chaos with their mutations, even skaven whom I always liked as a race(favourite blood bowl team of mine) but I'm unsure if there's any way it'd fit into the lore.
What other characters can you think of that'd fit the theme here? I'd love to see a Sister of Sigmar or a Troll Slayer. Also are there any other interesting weapons or weapon combinations that have not been explored in the game? That's about all I can think of right now ; o


  • Phantom_PhreakPhantom_Phreak 22 PointsMember, Level1
    Seriously, 1d4chan has a pretty good run down on what The End Times was. They keep it somewhat amusing as well.
  • KommissarKommissar 211 PointsMember, Level4, Beta Tester
    edited October 2015
    just check out the Lexicanum :)
    i read nealry everyday in it and you find really good story and there are not soo big ;)
    Enjoy !
    Go Hard or Go Home

  • VelgarnVelgarn 76 PointsMember, Level3
    If you don't read the books, you loose 50% of the fun from warhammer, since it has 30 years of lore.

    The game is placed in a city overrunned by skaven, so you'll never see other enemies. For extra characters, it's up to the Developers to decide, but probably more humans and dwarfs are a lore-wise choice, since elves are rare in the old world, except for Wood Elves from Athel Loren and Dark Elfs Slavers. The Sisters of Sigmar where a Religious Order, yes, but it's 500 years old, and after the destruction of the City of Mordheim things got hard for them, since they where considered heretical by the Great Theogonist of the Church of Sigmar.

    In my opinion, the possibilities for new characters are:

    1) Another Human Wizard, from a different school

    2) Battlepriest of Sigmar

    3) Dwarf Slayer

    4) Kislev Ranger/Soldier

    5) Bretonnian Knight Errant
  • ShoopLorShoopLor 69 PointsMember, Level2
    I want to know where to find this book: and if there is an eBook version of it somewhere, I cannot order it in my country. Help anyone?
  • Decimal115Decimal115 30 PointsMember, Level2
    ShoopLor said:

    I want to know where to find this book: and if there is an eBook version of it somewhere, I cannot order it in my country. Help anyone?

    Black library is always adding old and new books to their online collection, as well as on ibooks. They will add it eventually....
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