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Crashes from 30-60 minutes of play, possible fix?

HereCuzCrashesHereCuzCrashes 12 PointsMember, Level1
Hi, names nick. I just wanted to share my problems i have been having and see if anyone can give me any advice on taking care of it.

Anywhere from 30-60 minutes I get these crashes that just shut down the game completely followed by this pop up:

GUID: 4cd997ed-9466-45e0-b419-68075eb90ed2
Log File: ytnacewg.gbq
Info Type: Vermintide/LL/CL/CD

[Engine Error]: Access violation (0xc0000005) in build f6b00fe30304
accessing address CCCCCCF4 from 6E64E7A7

So im just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I have verified the game cache through steam and it did find 1 file that was corrupted/not there. I believe it took care of it.

System :
Amd fx 6300
Msi Gtx 760 2gb
Windows 7 64x
16 gb DDr3 Ripjaw 2133mhz

All drivers are up to date.

Thanks in advance.
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