The game needs love

As you might know by now this game is dead, i mean at every given time you enter you will find 0 or maybe 1 person playing(and that's it).I feel like this game should become free to play,if not permanently at least for 1 month or so, so we can build a community again in this game. I beg the developers to take any action that will help this game and not let it go to waste. I am waiting for a reply.


  • BlondieBlondie 412 PointsAdministrator, Fatshark
    We love Lead & Gold, and would definitely like to do something with the game again. We're currently 120% focused on Vermintide (even the head of administration is helping out), so it'd have to wait until we have that ball under control :)
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  • WeissmagierWeissmagier 39 PointsMember, Level2
    Like an armor rat ? With Bow and arrow? ^^
  • JustasXJustasX 12 PointsMember, Level1
    Please nake this free to play i think that people will play and update it with some new classes or guns and also this game would be like fistfull or frags and a lot people would play this couse they see a new free game on steam and boom people are playing i beg you i played vermintide but it was cracked so sorry i loved it i would buy it in summer but my pc is really not good so please make lead and gold free to play it will need that :D
  • AffinnitYAffinnitY 2 PointsMember, Level1
    PLZ PLZ PLZ PRETTY PLZ make it more avaliable to play! By making it free it might attract more players!
  • BelmontBelmont 124 PointsMember, Level3
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    why not make a few successive free week-ends, like this people can try freely the week-end, during a month.
    it could attract curious & if people liked the game, they will eventually ask to their friend to try it.

    as finality, they could probably buy the game.
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