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[Lore] Vermintide inside the End Times (light spoilers)?

DiscoJacenDiscoJacen 43 PointsMember, Level2, Beta Tester
edited March 2015 in Warhammer Discussions
So by now, between the books, the rules and other media; we have a clear picture of what's going on in the old world and how everything is exploding everywhere.... Yes I'm looking at you Lustria

Since Vermintide seems to take place in an Empire city, I was wondering if your plan is to include the game's lore inside the main chronology knowing that at this point there's pretty much no Empire left.
Or maybe go the "somewhere, somehow, some heroes desperately fight on" route? Imo I don't mind any since the gameplay+ambient is the key for me in games.

However I am still curious about the lore : )


  • OranjeOranje 34 PointsMember, Level2
    edited March 2015
    I don't think the events of Vermintide happen after the big events you're hinting at. The End Times period is between 2521 to 2526. Ubersreik is in southern Reikland, not far from Nuln. The Skaven assault on the southern Empire is in mid 2525. I think it's fair to assume that most of the big spoilers are yet to happen as far as the game time line is concerned.

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  • DiscoJacenDiscoJacen 43 PointsMember, Level2, Beta Tester
    Yeah i think so too. was just wondering since I'm pretty into Endtimes lore atm : )

    And thx!
  • DustynBDustynB 28 PointsMember
    edited September 2015
    I am a huge fan of the Warhammer Fantasy world and I'm really stoked about an action game.  

    * Light Spoiler* 

    According to the books in the end time series,  when the Skaven reach the Empire, they fall on it from the mountain ranges surrounding the Empire. 
    Ubersreik is directly Southwest of Altdorf at the foot of the Grey Mountains so I'm guessing the story takes place at the beginning of the Skavens invasion from the mountains.  

  • BlackDog_9BlackDog_9 61 PointsMember, Level2, Beta Tester
    edited September 2015
    Vermintide seems to be using a lot of the lore and assets that were created for Ubersreik from the Warhamemr Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition game. Ubersreik and the surrounding area features heavily in those adventures.

    The Skaven had massive lairs beneath all the major cities of the Empire, including Ubersreik, with tunnels connecting them. During the End Times the Skaven diety, the Horned Rat itself, took a direct hand in manipulating the Council of Thirteen with the help of the Verminlords, and for the first time Skaven-kind was united enough to enact their long-planned invasion of the surface. They did so not by marching across the landscape, but by undermining and emerging from beneath these cities.

    As the End Times progressed, most of human civilisation fell to the Skaven. 

    In terms of timeline, Vermintide seems to occur early on in the End Times, before the worst of these invasions take place, but when Skaven attacks were starting to become more frequent. It appears to be set before the resurrection of Nagash.

    (I am delighted to see those End Times books on the desks of the developers in some of those Dev diaries... no doubt they have done the research, and epic times await!!)

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  • Alluvian_Est_EndratiAlluvian_Est_Endrati 91 PointsMember, Level2
    I was quite interested to see that Vermintide was to be set in Ubersreik. A good part of the Empire to choose; also quite near Bogenhafen which was the setting for the start of one of the best WHFRP 1st edition campaigns.

    Even better? Castle Drachenfels is nearby. Alas the Castle has little import by the time of the End Times, but like attracts like and evil, undead and the threat of Chaos all seem to leave lasting marks on any region they touch.
  • VelgarnVelgarn 76 PointsMember, Level3
    Well, if you read all the End Times Books, you already know how it will end... but still, i think that the interesting part of the game is that it will show the point of view of the characters. In the book you simply read what it's happening, and different stories (or you could play a game with the End Times Rules) but this games simply puts you directly into the action against the skavens, and that's why i think it's brilliant
  • ShoopLorShoopLor 69 PointsMember, Level2
    Usually when I start reading LORE I go with the races first. So now I am here, because I love the enemies I am slaying.
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