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Morrslieb - The Chaos Moon in the End Times

Greetings all.

I am sure I am not the only person who has noticed just how prominent Morrslieb seems to be in the night sky in the game. Thus far I think the developers have done a good job of giving it a proper visual menace (albeit lacking in more chaotic effects such as leering faces). For those folk unaware of the importance, or shall we say impact, of the Chaos Moon in the setting, I thought I would prepare a little bit of a lore entry here to entertain and educate.

Origin and a brief History of the Chaos Moon

Morrslieb, while one of the moons of the world, is not a natural satellite of the world. It was vomited out into reality from one (or both ) of the Chaos Gates of the world that exist at the poles. Morrslieb, known very properly as the Chaos Moon, has a long and a sinister history in the Warhammer Fantasy world. For starters, its orbit is highly erratic and unpredictable. Fitting for a celestial body made entirely out of warpstone. Astronomers who have attempted to study Morrslieb in close detail, usually go mad, as the light of the moon (focused through a telescope) is enough to cause insanity, mutations and even death.

Warpstone meteorites (single-body and showers) occasionally fall upon the world. While some of these may be new ejecta from the warp gates, many of them are likely fragmentary bodies left over from the creation of Morrslieb itself. As the chaos moon would also be highly unstable, both due to its volatile nature as well as its unusual orbit, it is not impossible that the moon itself may periodically shed material which can fall down upon the world it orbits.

Every culture on the world has been influenced by the moon, for good or ill. In the Empire, the moon is one of ill-omen (of course) and treated with suspicion. Despite its eccentric orbit, there are certain nights or times of the year when it seems more prominent in the sky; usually times of ill-omen when it is thought the forces of Chaos have a greater grip upon the world. Some cultures, particularly the Goblins of the World's Edge Mountains, worship aspects of the moon, seeing it as a manifestation of one of their primitive gods. The crescent moon with a face standards and totems they bear are representative of this fact.

Skaven and the Chaos Moon (slight spoilers)

The Skaven, who are voraciously hungry (as a society) for warpstone, for various reasons, have always had a strong fascination with Morrslieb. They have long suspected it's material composition and have sought to acquire it for a very long time. In the Warhammer Fantasy End Times event from a couple of years ago, the Skaven managed to have a major influence upon the Chaos Moon.

In brief? The Skaven blew up the moon, in order to (intentionally) cause parts of it to rain down upon the world; to destroy their enemies as well as to provide the opportunity to harvest the material resources left behind. Suffice it to say, if there are any warpstone meteor showers during Vermintide, do not be too surprised (or warp lighting storms).

Your guess is as good as mine as to whether we will see anything become of the moon during the course of the game. However that particular event may be better left to a major expansion or a sequel, for the sake of lore and future development.


  • VelgarnVelgarn 76 PointsMember, Level3
    There are also two particular night of the year where Morrslieb is closer to the planet and even brighter. The most famous is Geheimnisnacht (that i think is the warhammer version of Halloween)


    Geheimnisnacht, or the Night of Mysteries, is the most ill-omened night of the year. It is one of only two nights (the other being Hexensnacht) in which Morrslieb, the accursed Chaos moon, is full. Furthermore, it is the night when Morrslieb is closest to the world whilst in its highly elliptical orbit.
    During this night the Winds of Magic grow strong and mutations appear. The rise of magic enables many daemons to travel to the world of mortals. Evil sorcerers cast their spells while Necromancers and Vampires raise their undead legions. The Chaos cults gather to praise and worship their dark gods while the terrified law-abiding people hide themselves in their homes praying for the arrival of dawn.
  • Alluvian_Est_EndratiAlluvian_Est_Endrati 91 PointsMember, Level2
    Indeed! Good contribution to the thread there.

    Of course in the Warhammer Fantasy world, while taken by some as a time for celebration (nobles), each day is actually a rather frightening time of year for the average citizen in the Empire (or any human in the Old World).

    The Skaven typically are active during these nights of the year as well. Warpstone showers would be more likely to happen during (or near) those nights when the orbital path is closer. Any warpstone fall on land would be a great prize for the Skaven, and forces would be dispatched quite quickly to retrieve as much as the precious substance as possible.

  • Wo0dGlueWo0dGlue 81 PointsMember, Level3
    "Something isn't right. The moon is unusually right."
    "It's just Morsliebb, comes and goes with the seasons!"
    "You know what? I think the Elf is right."
    "Ofcourse I'm right."
  • folklorefolklore 47 PointsMember, Level2
    It should be mentioned the only person to ever really record the moons movements, and set up a method for accurate prediction was Nagash. Arguments could be made for him already being insane, before studying the moon in depth.
  • JLBJLB 91 PointsMember, Level4

    The Grey Seer in charge of the attack could have been one of the planners for the eventual blowing up on the moon. In one of his monologues, he says that he'll, from memory, "pluck-take the moon from the sky". And that whole event seemed to revolve around the bell being slowly powered by the moon.
  • BlackDog_9BlackDog_9 61 PointsMember, Level2, Beta Tester
    edited October 2015
    In the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition adventure Edge of Night (which Vermintide draws on for source material of most locations, NPCs and flavour details), the attack on Ubersreik is led by a Grey Seer called Rasknitt. The white rat uses an orrery device he pinched from a Celestial Wizard to control the orbit of Morrsleib. His plan was to bring it low enough to mutate all the humans. The End Times plan regarding the moon was dependent on other cities of the Empire falling first - such as Nuln, for their black powder and weaponry with which to add to their own super cannon... but it took a bunch of Grey Seers from all over to bring the moon's orbit low enough in the first place.

    Hopefully the heroes actions can prove a setback!


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  • TheWallTheWall 99 PointsMember, Level3
    Great lore read! For all of those that contributed in this thread, I thank ye!
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