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  • Unscheduled Maintenance

    Major Update
    We are very happy to finally be able to put the game live again. It's been a hectic night & day at Fatshark but your continued support throughout has really helped. A big warm thank you from all of us.

    To make up for the outage, we’ve decided to add a completely new level to the preorder beta. Grab your favourite Hero and go to the Wizard’s Tower!

    Unfortunately, in order to secure the servers we’ve had to roll back the backend to an earlier backup before the outage. Any progression after 12:00 (noon) UTC yesterday (Tuesday) will sadly be lost.

    Finally, we are a small independent team and any feedback you can provide is super valuable to us. All the hours you’ve put into the game in the last few days have helped tremendously, so please continue playing and reporting issues like there’s no tomorrow. Because The End is Nigh…

    Older Messages
    You can't play the game currently and we are very sorry for that. We've had to take down our backend for unscheduled maintenance. It's a difficult decision but a few hours ago we had some technical issues with our backend due to failed unauthorized tampering with the servers. We are now tightening up these processes before the release of the game on Friday. This is now our top priority here at Fatshark and we hope to be able to get online again today, Wednesday. We'll keep posting more info as we have it.

    Being an indie developer we are used to working tightly with our community to improve our games during betas. This includes openness and simplicity. Vermintide has got a great response - there are more beta players than we imagined even in our wildest fantasies - and everyone at Fatshark is working long hours to give you the best game possible by Friday, and beyond. Bear with us as we tighten the screws on the backend!

    Update 10:00 am UTC - Still working away

    Update 11:00 am UTC - We're still working on the backend. Some people have asked if personal data or financial data has been compromised and it has NOT. We do not store such data on our backend as it's handled by Steam's servers.

    Update 12:00 pm UTC - Still working, and internal testing in progress

    Update 1 pm UTC - Testing still in progress

    Update 2 pm UTC - Progress is being made, next update should have more information

    Next update in around 60 minutes (around 3:00 pm UTC)
  • Thanks from Fatshark Team

    Dear community,

    We wanted to take this time just before the launch of Vermintide to thank you for all your support, and to tell you how excited we are to finally open up the gates to Übersreik. It has been an amazing journey so far, filled with hard work, laughter, rage, hope and the deepest despair. We've had a fantastic time with you gamers and fans over the past few months: Warhammer fans (old and new), co-op gamers, and of course maniacally-laughing-rat-stabbing streamers. To all of you who waded through Raki blood during the betas with us - thank you all. We are humbled by your passion and support.

    Heroes, know that the End Times are soon upon us, but that the journey doesn't end here, this is just the beginning. Let us tell you what's going on.

    At the moment we're mainly focusing on support. We are an independent studio, and there is no one between you and us. Right now when you write a helpdesk ticket it is picked up by us devs directly - we are your customer service - which means that we can assign and start working on issues quickly (we admit, we could use some speed potions right now). We are gamers, so we know your frustration when things are not working as they should - be it crashes, backend issues or bad loot rolls. However, issues always vary in complexity: sometimes the solution takes a matter of minutes, other times (especially hardware or driver issues) may require extensive detective work before we can pin down the problem. When we've fixed an issue we can't immediately patch it - we need to do a lot of testing before we can sign off on a patch (and even then things can go Skaven-shaped).

    Just know that we are committed to solving your issues but that some of these will take time.

    Ah, but now, for the future! In the coming weeks we will continue to addressing helpdesk issues, and we will also start to work on improvements and more content. We already have some shrewd ideas of what we'd like to see in the future, and above all we value your input and ideas here. Later we’ll give you more details on what’s in store for Vermintide.

    In the meantime, enjoy yourselves, have fun and play nice! There will be a lot of new players coming in, and they'll need a few tries before learning the strategies and getting the good rolls :)

    This is only the beginning, and we're in it for the long run (until the end of times, to be more precise).

    See you soon in Übersreik!

    / The Fatshark Team
  • Announcing First Free DLC - Sigmar's Blessing


    To celebrate 300 000 sold copies of Vermintide, we are announcing our first free content DLC, Sigmar's Blessing.

    Set to come out on the 3rd of December, this DLC will introduce a number of new features including player control of what loot is dropped in-game and a new altar in the Inn, that provides ways of sacrificing existing loot to improve players arsenal.

    In addition to this, the DLC will include completely new traits added to the loot tables and new, unique weapon drops in the “red” loot class for each of the 40 weapon types in Vermintide. Each red weapon features a set trait combination, taking top tier gameplay to a new level.

    We will, of course, continue to work on fixing bugs and optimizing the game with continuous patches.

    For more information, go to:

  • Loot and Loot Roll (Explaining)

    This content can be changed and are not officially from the Fatshark. This is my own observations, from when I played. I've been wrong before. ^_^
    Will try to keep this updated. If you find anything that I have written wrong or do not think it is true, as I have written it. Please comment.

    Is there any Loot in this game?

    • Yes. You will get one item after every completed mission from the Loot roll.

    What is this Loot roll?

    • Loot roll is a dice “raffle” where you get an item depending on how your dice show.

    Loot Roll

    In this Loot roll you will see a loot table on the right side with the highest item in the top. Different items every time and quality depending on the level of the mission. Coloured frame around the items tells you the rarity of the item. Plentiful (White), Common, Rare or Exotic.

    For every dice that show a hit (an icon on) will move you up in the table. You start from the lowest one so you will always get an item even if you do not get any hit with the dice.


    The items you get in the loot roll do not have to be for your character you have been playing with. If you do not want your new item you can always use it on the Forge (Red Moon Inn thread).

    During your mission, you can find Tome, Grimoire and Cursed Die (I call them collect items) that will help you get better dice for the entire party. You can see what I have written about Collect Items in the Mission Items thread.


    Loot Dice

    All this dice gives you different hit chance.

    Loot dieRegular loot dice

    • Have 2/6 chance of getting a hit (Regular dice)

    Cursed dieCursed Die

    • Have 3/6 chance of getting a hit (Eagle)

    Tome dieTome

    • Have 4/6 chance of getting a hit (Skull)

    Grimoire dieGrimoire

    • Have 6/6 chance of getting a hit (Green)

    Remember that this is not officially from the Fatshark. I have only made this to start understand how things work in the game and to start discussions about it.

  • Weapon and Trinket Traits (Explaining)

    Weapon Trait List

    This list is not completely updated. Will try to updated it asap.

    Here I will list all the weapon traits I have found and for what type of weapon I have found it on. This will give you some info of what type of traits you can find for your weapons. If you have a trait that is not listed here. Please make a comment so I can add it to the list.


    Some traits can only be on some of the weapons.

    imageAmmunition HolderIncreases the maximum amount of carried ammunition for this weapon by 30%.
    imageBackstabberyAttacking enemies from the rear will deal extra damage.
    imageBerserkingWhen killing an enemy with this weapon, there is a 5.0-12.0% chance to increase your attack speed by 30% for 5.0 seconds.
    imageBloodlustWhen killing an enemy with this weapon, there is a 3-10% chance to recover 10% health
    imageChanneling RuneReduce the damage you take from venting this weapon by x%
    imageDevastating BlowPushes made with this weapon will be extra powerful.
    imageDiversionAttacking an enemy that is attacking a Knocked Down ally, will extend the ally's Knocked Down health.
    imageEarthing rune (Normal Attack)When hitting an enemy with a normal attack, there is x-x% chance to vent x% of your overcharge.
    imageEarthing rune (Charged Attack)When hitting an enemy with a charged attack, there is x-x% chance to vent x% of your overcharge.
    imageEnduranceWhen hitting an enemy there is x-x% chance that the player replenishes stamina.
    imageExtra CapacityIncreases the amount of ammunition this weapon can hold in a clip by 100%.
    imageHail of DoomEach shot with this weapon has a 5-15% chance to split into 2 projectiles
    imageHasteWhen hitting an enemy, there is a 3.0-7.0% chance to increase your attack speed by 30%, for 5 seconds.
    imageHawk EyeIncreases the zoom distance while aiming with this weapon.
    imageHeroic Killing Blow (Charged Attack)When hitting an enemy of any size with a charged attack there is a 1.0-3.0% chance to instantly slay it.
    imageImproved GuardWhen blocking an enemy with this weapon, there is 10-30% chance that the block won't cost any stamina
    imageImproved PommelWhen pushing with this weapon, there is a x-x% chance that the push won't cost any stamina
    imageInspirational ShotScoring headshots will replenish the stamina of your allies.
    imageKilling Blow (Normal Attack)When hitting a man-sized enemy with a normal attack there is a 5.0-15.0% chance to instantly slay it.
    imageKilling Blow (Charged Attack)When hitting a man-sized enemy with a normal attack there is a 5.0-15.0% chance to instantly slay it.
    imageKnockbackWhen hitting an enemy, there is a 5-10% chance to knock them back
    imageMaster CraftedReloading this weapon is 50,0% faster.
    imageOff BalanceEnemies whose attacks are blocked by the player will suffer extra damage from your allies’ attacks for a brief moment.
    imagePerfect BalanceAdds 2 Stamina (1 Shield) to the weapon's max Stamina Points.
    imageRegrowth (Normal Attack)When hitting an enemy with a normal attack, there is a 3-10% chance to recover 5% health.
    imageRegrowth (Charged Attack)When hitting an enemy with a charged attack, there is a 3-10% chance to recover 5% health.
    imageRuptureProjectiles from this weapon have a 80-100% chanse of penetrating one additional target.
    imageSafety in NumbersAssisting an ally (by attacking enemies attacking the ally) will apply a temporary protective aura to said ally.
    imageScavengerWhen killing an enemy with this weapon, there is a 5-12% chance to replenish ammunition for your ranged weapon.
    imageSecond Wind30.0-50.0% chance to instantly replenish all stamina if the player's block is broken.
    imageSkirmisherMovement speed while aiming with this weapon is increased by 50%.
    imageSkull CrackerWhen hitting an enemy, there is x-x% chance that it will count as an automatic headshot, regardless of where it hit.
    imageStabilityOvercharge generated by this weapon is reduced by x%.
    imageSwift Slaying (Normal Attack)When hitting an enemy with a normal attack, there is x-x% chance to increase your attack speed by 30% for 5 seconds.
    imageSwift Slaying (Charged Attack)When hitting an enemy with a charged attack, there is x-x% chance to increase your attack speed by 30% for 5 seconds.
    imageTargeteerDecreases the spread of this weapon by 40%.
  • Please do not nerf the difficulty

    We have no intention of making the game easier. If anything we'll be working to fix bugs and exploits that make the harder difficulties easier than intended :)
  • Dev Blog #1: A Passion for Warhammer

    You can really see the passion for Warhammer leaking from the pages. This just reassures me that Vermintide is in good hands at Fatshark.
  • Patch Live


    We've just deployed a patch aimed at fixing some of the common issues.

    - Added Music Volume slider
    - No longer possible to pick up potions unless dropping any held Grimoires first
    - Fix for bots not using healing draughts in combat
    - Fixed achievement "Balthasar Gelt"
    - Various localization bugfixes
    - Fixed issue causing level complete to not trigger
    - Fixed various startup crashes
    - Fixed a crash in particle system
    - Fixed a crash in animation constraint system
    - Fixed a crash in I/O system
    - Fixed a crash in Audio System
    - Potential fix for startup crashes
  • So, what now Fatshark?

    Hey folks,

    Posted a thread on the status of our next patch here:
    Sorry for the lack of clear information lately, we're back in action now in full production of some really cool content and we'll have lots more to share with you all in the weeks and months to come.

    We're very much committed to continued support for Vermintide and 2016 will definitely be the year of the rat :)
  • Dev Blog #5 | Kerillian, Waywatcher

    I'm looking forward to see how the bow works in this game, like drawing the bow, aiming and shooting. I've seen a few bow mechanics, some good, some awefull. I hope i can add this one to the "good" list.
    -  I can only speak for me, but she's my fave to play at this point in development :)
    Her? It looks like a man. Where are the tits?
    I don't understand why she looks so masculine if she is supposed to be a female.
    - We at Fatshark like to think that females are first and foremost characters and don't like to define them as "something with tits":)  

    It is common for females in games to all fall under the same skinny and chesty body-type, but to only have one body-type represented is quite frankly boring and little cheap, so we try to rise above that by being more grounded and perhaps realistic in our character design. She is lean and muscly, as fits in with her character. An exceptionally large pair of breasts would not go with her body type, and would be very much in the way I may add. Hope you can learn to like our Woodelf as she is!