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  • Character Motivation Discussion: "Why is Kerillian counting her kills?"

    saltzpyre's a witch hunter- they're always half-planning for killing EVERYONE just in case.
  • Heroes, Weapons, Trinkets, Heads and Armors! PAID DLC

    You surely are a limited bugger, another of those rabid rabbits begging for easiness at high cost if possible, cause you'd proudly spend stupid amount of money to compensate for your dire lack of skill... and balls. So I'll help you to understand the obvious you're so blatantly missing, for being so much interested with your very own lame person only.

    Basic thing is : a good online game needs players and people like DLC when they are well made and not overpriced, they dislike weapons DLC exclusive to be OP, like the glaive, for they then feel like they're forced to buy to mere enjoy playing the game with others. Hence adding trinkets or armors buying DLC exclusive, thus quite favouring owners of those DLC would be community breaking, not to mention most used to cata difficulty players (roughly the actual skilled players) would highly dislike another mechanic to ease even more the game (especially after all the still pending promises of even more difficulty to be added to the game after release) which would thus be game breaking. This will lead the game to lose players like it happenned when trueflight and bolt staff were stupidly OP, and those weapons aren't even DLC exclusive...
  • Heroes, Weapons, Trinkets, Heads and Armors! PAID DLC

    it's funny how this post stayed reasonable right up until the end when it went entirely off the deep end with a game-changing suggestion that would require overhauling most of the characters and rebalancing the entire game for new stats.
  • The Gardens of Moor

    Well, funny enough I actually got to see it happen in a match I joined trying to legitimately pass the mission on Nightmare. Almost as soon as the exploiter got over the wall they got nailed by an Assassin but the bot got it off. Good luck to anyone trying to beat it normally and not getting ire if you don't go along with the exploit. They actually tried kicking me but since I was the only one alive and by myself I ended up getting hooked and right after a victory screen popped up. I almost dropped out too but stayed in out of spite when I saw the kick come up.
  • Some silly moments and ways to improve them

    look at this guy that forgot to check the control settings!
  • Need Support - Can't Run Game - Crashes on start up

    Hi I've been trying to run the game today and it doesn't get past the launcher. I've been playing for a long time with no issues and now I can't work out whats wrong and need some help.

    I'm certain I must have uninstalled/deleted something I wasn't supposed last night when I was trying to free up space on my SSD, however windows will not let me roll back because the computer has been updated in the last 10 days (apparently?)

    So I assume something is missing here and I need help identifying it. I thought I only deleted temp files and a few unused installs when i was cleaning out the SSD but I guess not. Below is the crash report, and further below that are my specs.

    GUID: 765b3f63-959e-49ab-9481-b2e43bfdd6c6
    Log File: C:\Users\Cam\AppData\Local\Temp\
    Info Type: Vermintide/LL

    [Crash Link]:

    Windows 10
    AMD Phenom II X4 840 Processor 3.20GHz
    16GB RAM
    64 bit OS, x64-based processor
    Supremely annoyed with myself
  • There and Back Again: An Elf's Tale

    That's just too much to read but I'm sure you pointed out plenty of things the developers could fix.
    ^ Not reading a post but bothering to comment on it - you are clearly talented.

    Here's a big thank you to the OP from someone who did read this-- This is an awesome and insightful guide to surviving into high levels in Last Stand!

    I won't be as entertained enough to play as long as you did (wave 129, wut), but I now have a few more tricks to surviving the game thanks to you. Maybe if the devs made the enemies past wave 50 tougher (i.e. immuned to ranged attacks, can only be killed by charged blows, will not be affected by headshots, etc.) this might be interesting to watch/play. At the moment, I'm content with the occasional Last Stand run with strangers and playing the old map on Adventure mode whenever it strikes my fancy (which is rarer these days than I'd care to admit.)

  • Unable to Create Steam Lobby For accidently not claiming Winter Wonderloot

    I'm not being optimistic when I say the game has weathered time just fine even with tons of technical issues because it is fun. There are plenty of games out there that are technically flawless and not worth the time because it's nothing but clean programming and no real design. Though, I doubt people will stop making these kinds of claims and accusing Fatshark of every known heresy known to man. Patience is invaluable and 'nothing' is ever perfect.
  • were the mission icons changed on purpose?

    no, this info must not be revealed, it's a spoil for new players !

    Well why even have any special markers for any map anyway?
    what are you meaning, not sure to understand.
    irony ?! saying icons are useless ?

    i feel that because, maybe you ask for marker, but in my head markers are useless if there is difference between icons for short & long maps.

  • New Enemies

    I have to agree, I looked through them all and not one added breasts the game. Frankly I'm just ashamed of their exclusion in such an extensive list as they clearly are important to all fantasy action games! Though, we'll need a completely separate forum to discuss jiggle physics and how they will affect weapon balancing... :(|)