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  • Character DLC?

    With the dynamic of the characters having sort of prejudice against the other I'd like to suggest a playable Skaven. Lines ranging from mistrust to outright hate (with one or two of the characters with retorts to calm the particularly rude characters towards the Skaven. *Kruber seems the friendly sort that might not completely hate a rebel skaven maybe Bardin since his comments don't seem overly hostile against the race itself.*

    For the appearance having him be a rebel white rat would give him a distinct appearance among the other Skaven for player distinguishing reasons and it'd be a bit more believable that he could hold his own against ordinary rats along with the others if he was special in some way shape or form.

    1. Weeping Blades (Assassin Weapon *Mordheim calls them weeping blades at least) - Poison DoT version of the Way Watcher's Dual Swords. Speed, AoE, DPS, lower impact damage resulting in harder mob kills, but higher DPS than Dual Swords if poison is allowed to work similar DPS to Sword and Dagger. ***
    2. Halberd - Instead of a crowd control weapon with some damage a fairly quick longer reach 2 hit combo followed by a longer range thrust that has good reach, but no AoE. Charge Attack like the Way Watcher's Dagger's Charged Attack with slower speed, but longer reach. Reach centric mob killer, viable special clear, but focused and slower end. **
    3. Torch/Cudgel - Standard one-handed style attacks, medium damage, medium knockback, medium number of targets on normal combo, focus higher damage Charged Attacks possible burn with some knockback. Mace-like, but faster and more damage focused than knock-back. ***
    4. Claws - Way Watcher Daggers maybe a little slower in exchange for hitting 2 targets, but keeping the short reach unlike the the increased reach you get with Dual Swords or the reach while maintaining speed that the Sword + Dagger gains. DPS, low reach, special kill. Special lunge attack for slightly higher single target damage and higher knock back (enough to stagger Storm Vermin so it can be used against a Storm Vermin one on one, but has a delay afterwards so using it in any sort of a group leaves you vulnerable) **

    1. Ratling Gun - Like the Repeater Pistol, but shorter potential range. Forced to use rapid shot all the time with a large ammo pool and short start-up before firing. Aiming increases accuracy and reduces recoil, but costing movement speed and maintaining the start-up time. Support Mob Killing.
    2. Poison Wind Globes - Grenade style lobbed projectile making it unique with impact damage and lingering AoE gas cloud that can deal Friendly Fire like bombs on harder difficulty. Limited ammo and no lasting damage after they exit the cloud can self damage *Clearly weaker with a smaller AoE, but behavior similar to Incendiary Grenades*. Stationary Target DPS or spread mob damage.
    3. Sling Shot - Speedy attacks and high ammo like the Shortbow, but with a heavier arc to the shot and Armor Piercing on both hip-fire and aimed. Mid-range Special Kill, viable mob clear.
    4. Warplock Pistols - Poison version of Brace of Pistols, no AoE, but added DoT, lower damage and ammo pool to make up for the higher potential DPS over time if the poison is allowed to work. Rat Ogre.
  • Friend invite

    yeah, through steam. alt+tab, then pick the firend on you list and send 'em an invite. a lot of the matchmaking takes advantage of steam, which is why it all shuts down once a week when steam goes town for maintenance. and why people can join your games even if you set 'em to private.

    i dunno about consoles though. i only buy nintendo consoles anymore, there's no value in anything else if you have a decent PC to game on.
  • More Special Atacks

    Dear Fatshark-team,

    This game is realy great, like a dream i had as a kid is coming true. After playing this game for several month, I prefered the whichunter and his rapier the most, but this only cause it got a special atack (every character got great individual characteristics).
    The thing is, the special pistol shot gives aditional posibillities, like shoting a skaven that just dropped behind the bag of an fellow player without the time loss of the weaponswitch, so you actualy can kill it before it hits.
    Also with this 3rd atack move, next to the standard and charged atack, the fun to play is increased by 50% or to say it on the other way, you got 33% more ways to kill an enemy.

    Now, after i have played the other characters too, I started thinking about what cud be done to give the special-atack-button more use than trigger the WH's pistol, so here I will share my thoughts.

    Sword dagger combo : throw the offhand-dagger, which will return after hit. The atack set turn's into the onehandet sword set while the dagger is in air. ( this gives the same option like the rapier)

    Magestaffs: Pushback ( to get time to switch to the mele weapon to block)

    Wizard Mace: Blast Strike, a flame charged strike which hits multiple enemies infront (like the item discription says, the wizard can charge the mace)

    Crossbow: Melee stab ( cause the weapon skinn screams for it)

    Handgun: Same as the crossbow ( it needs a bayonet for this)

    Shield Sets : Shield Bash (the actual charge atack of the shield set, so the player can still use the charge atack of the main weapon)

    Greatsword : Impeal ( to hit enemies in a line infront with overrange)

    i hope this helps you to keep the players entertained, cause the levels wont change but every run shud still be unique, depending on the different players with different sets. (thats what i think you are aiming for). I am far away from telling you what to do, this just keeps runing in my mind while i play and i had to get it off. Hopefully its readable,

    sincerely Friedhofmann
  • [PC] Announcing our next FREE DLC - Lorebook!



    As the pages of the story in Vermintide continue to turn, you too can now compile your very own tome of knowledge in our upcoming FREE DLC for PC: Lorebook!

    Once released, hidden and strewn around the various missions of Vermintide and its DLCs, you will find unique Lorebook pages. By picking up a page of the Lorebook, you will slowly unlock the story behind the various locations, enemies and even the Heroes of Ubersreik.

    Discover details you never knew or simply lose yourself in the rich world of Warhammer Fantasy.

    We'll have news on both the release date and beta details soon!

  • Various suggestions for improvements

    A bunch of suggestions to improve the game. Some of these may have been suggested before, but whatev. I will generally try to include an explanation of why alternative improvements may not be as good.


    It is currently possible to accidentally salvage equipment you do not intend to salvage. Salvage confirmation dialogs have already been suggested, but honestly, that's not a very good method. Dialogs are clunky and add annoying additional steps to the processes that people will just start to ignore and auto-click through. A better method is to allow players to lock equipment. Locked equipment cannot be salvaged, fused or offered ( trait swapped ). Locking and unlocking equipment should be a two step process, what two steps I leave up to you.


    Trash mobs currently do not have footstep sounds. How is this even a thing. Who thought silent trash mobs that spawn in directly behind players and can backstab was a good idea? Honestly. I've gotten much better about not eating backstabs from silent enemies, but that's not because I've gotten more skilled, it's because I've gotten more paranoid. It's because, "well, it's been ten seconds since the game last tried to fuck me, so I should probably check for backstabbing bullshit." Adding footstep sounds would greatly improve situational awareness, allowing players to better react to their current situation. And here's the thing. I get rats ( ratlings / halflings ) are supposed to be kinda quiet, but Kerillian literally states she can hear them skittering around. Plus, gameplay is paramount. The game should serve the mechanics.

    No spawn radius

    Trash mobs sometimes spawn in directly behind players. I've literally walked down completely cleared hallways, and then gotten backstabbed by a trash mob who spawned in behind me. I've also had Stormvermin patrols spawn in 10 ft. away from me. Nothing, then poof, an entire patrol. I've had packrats spawn in, and have gotten hooked immediately after their entrance sound effect ended. Enemies should not be able to spawn in within 8 m. of players. They may enter the map within 8 m. of players if they spawned elsewhere, and in the process of getting to the player, entered the map like on Ramparts where enemies have to scale the walls to get to the players ( but as they scale the walls, they should make noise ), but they should not be able to just poof into the map from random holes in the wall as long as a player is nearby.

    Constant collisions

    There are tons of locations on maps where players will get stuck on the terrain and other random bits of stupid clutter. For example, when approaching the third bell on Ramparts, players go up a bit of collapsed flooring or something, and there's a bit of a jagged break near the top that players can get stuck on. Sometimes, when you dodge, instead, you get stuck up on some random pebble, then you eat a Stormvermin hit, then get stun locked from having no stamina. This is frustrating and stupid. Have your QA guys search for misaligned map meshes or whatev, or take community suggestions and smooth all those things out.

    Invulnerability on hit

    Most similar games like Left 4 Dead and Payday, iirc, grant players a couple hundred milliseconds of invulnerability after taking a hit to prevent them from instantly succumbing to bad luck. I'm 90% certain this feature is not in this game, and I can't imagine why.

    Rat lunge attack

    The rat lunge attack is wonky as hell. It fucks up their hitbox causing them to sometimes slide under your attack hitbox meaning that you get to eat a hit you expected to interrupt. Other times, I've had the rat lunge attack clip through me, and for some dumb reason, the game then considers this a backstab. Or I'm backpedaling, and I think I see an opening for a counterattack and drop block only to instantly eat a hit because I failed to see the rat behind the five rats directly in front of me charging his lunge attack that just so happens to perfectly glide through his five buddies in front of him to hit me. Or the pebble that would normally completely stop me in my tracks will cause the rat lunge attack to path wonky as shit, cause him to make a weird, super fast semi-circle to avoid the obstacle, then slide in from and hit me from the side, bypassing my frontal block. In general, having enemy attacks track onto the player makes dodging feel inconsistent. Anyway, the rat lunge attack right now makes combat feel random and inconsistent. Honestly, if you can't fix the rat lunge attack, remove it.

    Weapon swapping

    It lags / occasionally doesn't work at all. Fix it.

    A lot of the last suggestions deal with how random and wonky combat in this game can sometimes feel. Gameplay is the most important aspect of your game. Whether through incompetence or oversight, a lot of small issues combine to make the combat sometimes feel very inconsistent, and sometimes, just downright disgusting. A common hallmark of good games is that the player feels in control so when bad things happen to the player, the player feels that they were in fault, not that the game screwed them. See Dark Souls. If the player feels like they aren't performing optimally due to bad controls or netcode or mechanics... chances are that player probably isn't having that much fun cause when the game screws you, it is bullshit and not fun. Your game ( narrowly ) falls more into the second category than the first.

    Weapon aesthetic customization

    Allow players to apply aesthetics from a weapon they own or have owned to other weapons. This isn't a super high priority type request, but more options are always good. The primary reason I have made this recommendation is because exotic shields suck. They block like 40% of your screen ( pretty much the entire left side ), dramatically reducing situational awareness in a game that already does a terrible job of communicating information to players.


    When offering ( swapping traits ), players should be able to lock one or two traits from being rerolled. Or change offering to roll only one trait at a time in the first place. In exchange, to preserve the effectiveness of these mechanics as currency sinks, increase the cost. Look, RNG systems are generally pretty shitty. They are almost always anti-player while almost never actually providing an actual benefit in return. RNG systems universally suck unless you consider forcing meaningless, menial grind a good gameplay mechanic. As a note, some might notice that I appear accepting of some RNG, which I am. The primary reason why I'm not recommending just doing away with RNG systems entirely is because I know 99% of devs would never consider such "blasphemy," as I'm fairly certain at this point game dev schools or whatev teach RNG as an essential element that will make their game AAA quality.
  • Heroes, Weapons, Trinkets, Heads and Armors! PAID DLC

    Well why do you expect more content for free? Some of the stuff the threadmaker says I do not agree with but that is for another time...

    About Rockstar, yes you get content free but often the new stuff cost very much, and it takes hours of grinding to get the money to buy the new stuff. The idea behind it, is of course that they want to make money on people who buy in-game cash. If no one bought the cash there would not be free DLC (or at least not as much).
  • My Input - after seeing the latest DLC

    1. More Ogres on higher difficulties maps
    2. Less Healthkits so people would stop being a med junkie and making the game easy to beat.
  • Heroes, Weapons, Trinkets, Heads and Armors! PAID DLC

    Sometimes I think it's good that they don't tell us everything they are planning. It's likely they planned a third DLC we just do not know anything about just yet. Also, quite a few believe there is a free DLC in the future as that does tend to come between paid DLC. I actually have said this in another thread about Armor about rather than changing it let us 'tint' parts of the armor as this wont require adding new art assets but will require some work by coders. Really, there is a lot you can do with existing armor such as adjusting transparency on certain parts or actually removing the geometry.
  • Contracts too hard

    everyone gets the same set of quests and contracts every day. if you're low enough that nightmare or hard is too much for you, then you probably shouldn't worry too much about using the bounty board and focus on enjoying getting better at the game. later on soloing most of those on nightmare will be easy. believe me....
  • More armor-piercing melee weapons for Empire Soldier.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a Flail for Markus. It's a weapon I have always found to be fun to play around with in games. Though, now that I have seen some neat stuff on Chain Whips I would love to just see that in the game period.