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  • Where is your progress saved?

    i'd probabaly just exclude the whole game folder or whatever, if the problem is it's being reset. of course, i dunno what the hell the point of running the game in a virtual PC is so my default resolution to the problem is "cut that out".
  • Skullcracker bug

    I am guessing this is already known but skullcracker still doesn't work with bows and crossbows. It's quite annoying as I see it as a would be top tier trait for bows and crossbows with their large headshot multipliers.
  • Please report any XB1 related issues in this forum.

    Spawning or Joining server at Horn of Magnus after Horn is used can cause a player to spawn below the area and into the geometry
    Bot Imperial Soldier with Shield and Sword equipped with constantly strong attack a Rat Ogre if nearby which does no damage, character stays attacking Rat Ogre
    Bots will get stuck on geometry attempting to save you if you are hung by Pack Leader rat in tunnel levels
    Rifles within range damage cannot get headshots on Stormvermin hitboxes, Globadier, etc. (Hitboxes shrink at farther distance? Upper torso cannot register hit at far range)
    Revive glitch (Revived character will appear to slide in a "revive me" pose after being revived)
    Attempting to Heal another player can result in Medical bandage being used, but no character received health
    Uncommon (Green) Poison Hagbane bow can lose or gain a poison explosion area of effect or splash damage (At point of arrow collision) based on Altar stats reroll or during use ingame against enemies.
    Attempting to Upgrade the Percentage of a Stat at an altar will waste Green Stones on certain Imperial Soldier weapons (Percentage will be less than current stat and have no affect on raising a percentage) Green Stones wasted
    While inside the Inn Lobby, cannot load as a hero after changing your character (Shows you as dead, cannot change gear. You can ready for next mission)
    Using altar to Reroll trait on Weapon can freeze/crash game.
    After Salvaging an Item, its stats will stay on-screen until you select another item to salvage (Can confuse player that they may have duplicate items)
    Anisotropic filtering issues at the beginning of the Horn of Magnus, Top Left screen and town square area (Left-most Buildings) after Blowing up the gate with the Barrels
    Volumetric Fog glitches in town square area after using the barrels to blow open the gate. Glitch occurs maybe with Depth of Field on weapon aim at an enemy

    TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) image sharpening or image sharpening reduction option in menu
    Latency meter (Show connection strength or ms)
    Postrendering filters (Vivid, Gloomy, Darker image options) in menu
    Gore color selection
    Do shields and sword have only one strong damage animation with the sword or does the shield damage enemies (appears to only push back enemies) in some occasions
    Model viewer (View characters, items, weapons, assets)
    FOV settings in Menu
    If playing alone with Bots, have Bots armed with your equipped items and weapons for Other Characters
    If playing alone, have bots either not pick up tomes or pick up but not discard their tomes
    If playing alone, have bots resort to ranged attacks to save fellow bots or player (Bot AI defers to using only melee attacks on Special Skaven enemies) Pack Leaders in particular.
    Blue enemy outlines on targeted enemies should fade on enemy death (Only Loot Rat should keep outline so players can find his loot)
    Option for No Gore in-game
    Sensitivity for normal controls affect zoomed-in controls (Should be separate)
    Relic for Ragdolls and More Gore (Skaven go flying more dramatically and more torso/limb dismemberment similar to Wizards Strong Ranged attacks)

    Other than that, I enjoy the game and thank you for all the effort in making the Xbox one port look stellar

  • Chatbox please so we can communicate

    We need a chatbox system to find people to run missions with. I'm sure there are others looking for the same map and difficulty level I am.

    Also, this game can stay interesting so much longer if people could form bonds with each other and have bonuses to playing together like in Diablo3

  • Silver Dove of Shallya

    This item is statistically worse than the Charm of the Hedge Wizard and much less useful in general. i like the concept because it encourages healing other people but as it stands it's executed poorly. Charm of the Hedge Wizard (CotHW) can potentially heal 60% vs 20% from SDoS and can restore coloured health to the entire party vs only two people for SDoS.

    a couple of ways to improve SDoS come to mind.
    1) increasing the percentage healed.
    2) making it flat value, either as a number or as a percentage of max health.
    3) increase the amount the other person is healed for.

    charm of the hedge wizard (or the purple variant from Halloween) are run by most randoms right now because they're so good; i'd like to see silver dove of shallya be viable too.
  • Some silly moments and ways to improve them

    Without long introductions - certain moments in the game, which I for one consider rather silly. And, respectively, ways to fix them.

    1. Witch Hunter's rapier is for some strange reason paired with a purely decorative, non-shooting pistol, which is seen only while blocking. Why pistol? There is a better combination - rapier and dagger (maine gauche).

    It's like this

    or this

    or, maybe, this

    It would look way more logical. Plus - exactly the dagger / maine gauche could be the weapon for charged armor-piercing attack (as it was IFRL).

    2. Charged attacks for all "weapon + shield" combinations. Sorry, but mere shield bash as a charged, armor-piercing attack? Am I the only one, for whom it looks fairly stupid?
    My suggestions here would be as follows:

    - ES's sword and shield - shield bash remains, but - as a stunlock or staggering the enemy before actual attack: a thrust done with sword (pretty much like WH does with his rapier);

    - ES's mace and shield - shield bash as a stunlock or staggering plus an overhead strike with longer and slower swing-up, than one for normal attacks;

    - DR's hammer and shield - pretty much like ES's mace and shield;

    - DR's axe and shield - shield bash as a stunlock or staggering strike, accompanied with overhead strike, pretty similar to one of the one-handed axe without shield;

    IMO it would add some more immersion to the game.
  • Charged Melee Attacks and FF

  • My Input - after seeing the latest DLC

    Hello Fatshark,
    I just want to say well done on the latest DLC. You guys do ramp up the difficulties by adding new large maps and the random-pathing, they are really awesome. Those large maps are not making the players to get by easily. Double events, multi-directional horde spawn, they are just awesome. One more thing that if I may add, can you add multiple Ogres on higher difficulties like Nightmare and Cataclysm? The Ogres are like the peak of the performance in every map. The Ogre fights pump our blood and excite us. We need multiple Ogre fights in those large maps you made. This is what differentiate players with good team work and without. This is what differentiate true Survivors and those who just go by. Can this be added for the next DLCs?

    The second point I want to make is: Health Pack. With higher difficulties (NM or Cata) I think there is a need to lessen up the number of Health Pack and Med Potions. I believe I still find 2-4 med packs in each item spawn points. This is a game breaker because it defeats the purpose of having to go through the map with teamwork. In higher difficulties which I believe Teamwork is essential, Players would go solo instead, kill some rats, gets really badly injured, then heal - Rinse and Repeat. Players should know when to protect their mates, when to shell up, and when to go astray for a few seconds only to reach some tomes or items . With the help of all Health Pack spawning in many places it defeats this purpose. Please lessen them up. Make it hard for the survivors to go by. Encourage teamwork. After all I believe that not only this should be a good co-op action game, but in a way it is also a Survival game.

    PS: Obviously additional med packs can be scattered after every Ogre fights to relate the two points above. Or better: make the Ogre drop some Meds after its' defeat without having to compromise my second suggestion in regards to Map-related Meds.

    Thank You,
  • Charged Melee Attacks and FF

    that's never happened and nobody at fatshark has ever brought it up.
  • Charged Melee Attacks and FF

    Question: I heard a rumor about there was maybe an idea to put friendly fire on charged melee attacks. I'm on console and just wanted to know if this is an actual update or idea on PC.

    I think if this is a real thing in the works, then it is a bad idea...

    Your thoughts, anyone?